flulike without nausea? what is this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnneTheresa, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. AnneTheresa

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    Finally and after much experimenting with different meds, my pain is bearable. Thank God. Now though, it seems I'm experiencing a lot of non-pain symptoms. It feels like the other symptoms (feeling like I'm sick with the flu, IBS, etc.) have gotten much worse since the pain has been adequately controlled, though I suppose it could be a matter of my noticing these symptoms more now that the pain is no longer front and centre.

    To counteract, the flu-like symptoms, I've been taking an anti-nausea med which does the trick but I still feel unwell. How can I say I feel unwell (like I have the flu) when the pain and nausea are being addressed. I mean what else is there to the flu?

    What I'm trying to say is I can't put this sense of feeling unwell into words for my doctor. I see him tomorrow and would like to explain how I feel without being too vague.

    I know I haven't given you much to work with but can anyone relate to how I feel and help me put it into words. Any ideas?

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  2. lenasvn

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    Tell him it feels like a flu that never goes away. If he knows anything at all about CFS/ FM- that should give him a hint in the right direction.

    I hope you can find out what's bothering your body.
  3. 69mach1

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    you've been hit by a mac truck...sometimes my feet will feel like some has taken a hammer to them and beat them repeatedly...and every little part of me aches..

    and now i am on my period..migraine tension heacache..paind i hurt..

    on the main page of this site there is a section to the left of what cfs/fms is...and it will give symptoms....

    print it out or write out the ones you see to the left...

    like i get brain fog...forget in the middle of a conversation while speaking what the heck i was even talking ab out....

    i have said my words backwords....

  4. dani78xo

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    sometimes when i overexert myself i'll feel like that for a few days. just aches and pains all over.

    but also, some pain meds make me feel like that. like, vicodin, for one, kicks in a few hours after i take it, and i feel flu-ish and sluggish all day.

  5. Empower

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    What meds are you taking? For awhile there, when I was trying different antidepressants I felt this way

    This went on for about 2 years and was very weird and usually happend at about 5:00 pm

    It has passed (knock on wood) and I hope it stays away
  6. lvjesus

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    if you are talking about that achy feeling like when you have the flu or a fever (skin aches, bones ache, etc) then you are experiencing just another fun symptom of FM.

    I find this to be the WORST most EXCRUCIATING symptom, but I have good news for you, I hope. I did not consider this to be pain so did not treat it with pain relievers.

    Thanks to my friends here who answered my post about this being pain, I finally treated it with pain killer and IT WENT AWAY!!! Hooray!

    I was at work and when this hits me there is nothing I can do except crawl in the bed, so getting relief enabled me to finish the work day.

    Good luck and God Bless,