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    I have permission to post any info on this topic from FAN.

    I have been in this battle for many years...and watching these victories, gives me hope to get the chemicals out of our water and foods...I truly believe the OA issues I deal with all worsened after our city fluoridated about 4 yrs ago...I still shower in the city water..

    This spring has brought a slew of fluoride-free victories throughout North America and the Caribbean! Just yesterday the New Hampshire State Senate voted unanimously to pass HB-1416, requiring that water companies provide infant fluoride warnings to customers in all fluoridated communities. This bill already passed out of the NH House by a vote of 253-23, and the Governor's signature is expected.

    New Hampshire isn't the only place that has seen fluoride-free victories recently:

    Okotoks, Alberta (Canada) -- On April 23, the seven member city council voted 6 to 1 to stop fluoridating the drinking water for the town's 25,000 or so residents.

    Curacao -- Last week the Caribbean island of Curacao banned fluoride in drinking water due to the health risks associated with the additive. The government cited the significant risk to kidney patients as a major reason for lowing the fluoride level from 1.5 parts per million (ppm) to the natural 0.5 ppm. This decision will free more than 140,000 people from fluoridated water.

    Albuquerque, New Mexico -- On April 11, the use of fluoride was officially stopped for the city of approximately 500,000 after city officials said it was no longer necessary.

    West Manheim, Pennsylvania -- During the first week in April, city supervisors in this township of 8,000 voted 4 to 1 to discontinue the use of fluoride in their drinking water. Supervisors cited the health risks and the waste of money associated with the practice as reasons for their vote.

    Bourbon, Indiana -- On March 20th, city councilors voted unanimously to end fluoridation for it's 2000 citizens.

    Amherstburg, Ontario -- In early March, the town council passed a moratorium on fluoridation until Canadian government could show that the use of inorganic fluorides was safe for citizens to drink and for water company employees to handle. Amherstburg supplies water to approximately 20,000 residents.

    For those of you who are counting, that's almost another 700,000 people freed from fluoridation since March. I'd say we are off to a great start in 2012, and if you read on you'll find that things are only going to get better.

    New York City Rally & Resolution

    New York City Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. will be hosting a fluoride-free rally on the stairs of City Hall on Tuesday, May 15th. The rally will start at 11a.m.

    We need as many supporters to attend as possible. A fluoride fight in NYC will gain international media attention, will show dentists and decision-makers across the fluoridated world that opposition to fluoridation is serious, and if successful this would likely be the tipping point that leads to the end of fluoridation in North America.

    This past fall, Peter Vallone introduced a resolution to prohibit fluoridation in New York City and published an op-ed explaining why he introduced the prohibition. Much of the local media attacked him for his opposition to fluoridation, so it's paramount that we lend Councilman Vallone our support by attending this important rally, and show the NY media that we mean business.

    If you are able to attend, please contact FAN's New York state coordinator as early as possible.

    What: NYC Fluoride-free Rally

    Where: New York City Hall

    When: Tuesday, May 15th at 11a.m.

    NYC Contact

    There is more to this latest info and one can go to Fluoride Action Network and see it all.

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    Good to "see" you participating on the boards. I don't post often at all, but love to read your update on this subject. The more I read from you and other websites, the more concerned I become about the crap they put in our water.

    Then again, everything is "healthy" until they find out, years later, that it isn't so healthy after all. From the foods we eat, to the drinks we consume to the air we breath, something is bound to get us in the end. I guess in the long road, MODERATION, and eating clean is the wisest choice.

    Hang In there and keep up with the updates.....
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    in my psyche, and just wondering about the health of those residing in Grand Rapids, MI which was the first city in the world to fluoridate.... that was in 1945...arthritis issues, fractures, thyroid dsyfunction and more....

    I see a link where they are re-thinking this 67 yr history of this toxin in this city's water, that was in 2008, and I haven't heard anything about them removing fluoride YET....
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    Permission granted to print this:

    Join Council Member Vallone to Speak Out Against Fluoridation in NYC
    Rally and Press Conference on May 15th, 11AM - City Hall

    If In Doubt Keep It Out!

    These six short words say it all when it comes to fluoridated water.
    A growing body of evidence has revealed the harmful impact of
    fluoridation and on May 15th we will stand on the steps of City Hall
    to call for the end of fluoride in New York City’s drinking water.
    Please join me and a coalition of medical professionals, researchers,
    and students at New York City’s first-ever anti-fluoride rally and
    press conference.

    Last year, I drafted legislation (Introduction Number 463) to ban the
    addition of fluoride from New York City’s municipal water.
    This legislation will have an immediate and critical impact – the city
    will save between 5 and 7 million dollars per year, and our citizens
    will no longer ingest a toxic chemical every time they take a sip of
    water, take a shower or wash a piece of fruit.

    To raise awareness on this very important issue and get the support
    necessary to move the bill, we are hosting a rally and press
    conference on the steps of City Hall in Lower Manhattan on May 15th,
    2012, at 11:00 a.m., where we will hear from medical professionals and
    even a few gifted and talented elementary school students researching

    Please spread the word, attend and invite friends! It’s important for
    us to have a strong showing.

    For additional information or to RSVP please contact Tatiana
    Deligiannakis or Sally Frank tdeligiannakis@council.nyc.gov,
    sfrank@council.nyc.gov or 718-274-4500

    For more information on this issue visit:

    This is heating up in NYC and hoping that this monster is slain in this huge battle.
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    Thanks for posting that you have permission to use the info. It makes our moderating job easier and we appreciate it.

    Love, Mikie
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    from FAN and Vit D Council, but I'll mention it everytime...believe me....
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    The dentist changed the fluoride treatment a while back to a liquid. After two dental check-ups in a row where the dentist would have me swish liquid fluoride in my mouth for a while, then spit it out, I had to stop it.

    I would swish the fluoride in my mouth, spit it out, then they would release me and I would get to the front desk and pay my bill, then scooter to my car (a distance in the parking lot), and by the time I got to the car, I would be vomiting as I reached my car both times after each fluoride visit.

    Without the fluoride, I don't have the vomiting.
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    they know my position on this stuff.

    Of late, I even decline dental xrays, now they have me sign a waiver. People are getting smart, all that radiation, don't need it for sure.
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    Permission from FAN is granted to post this important info:

    The fluoride-free train keeps on rolling, with nearly 1 million people freed from fluoridation in 2012, and the momentum is only building. There have been several more successful votes recently to end fluoridation in North American towns:

    Palisades, Colorado -- On May 15, the city council and the public works director decided to discontinue the use of fluoride in their drinking water system serving approximately 3,000 residents. As the Public Works Director said, "The addition of fluoride doesn't make the water safer, and it doesn't improve the quality of the water."

    Pevely, Missouri -- On May 1, the city discontinued fluoridation for it's approximately 6,000 residents. The decision was made in April by the Board of Alderman as a cost saving measure.

    Dillon Valley Water District, Colorado -- In March, the water district stopped adding fluoride due to worn out equipment and the cost to replace it. On April 24, the water provider decided to discontinue the chemical's use.

    By the end of the summer we hope to see at least another million residents with clean, fluoride-free water. This is more than just optimistic thinking, because just this week Milwaukee Alderman James Bohl, Jr. introduced legislation that could end fluoridation for more than 1 million Wisconsin residents. He put out a press release on Tuesday announcing his opposition to fluoridation, and the Wisconsin Dental Association quickly replied with their own press release.

    The public hearing on Alderman Bohl's legislation will be held on May 31st, at 11a.m at Milwaukee City Hall. If you are a scientific or medical professional, or a victim of fluoride overexposure and
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    If you have OA; please research Dr. Hulda Clark. She believes that OA is from a parasite; specifically tapeworm. I have RA and her research led me to do a parasite cleanse. She believes RA is from the Roundworm. Guess what, I passed several after doing a 15 day cleanse and my symptoms are lessening. I do it again for another 15 days after a five day respite. Sounds crazy I know, but if you believe that fluoride causes illness (like I do) then please look at this possibiltity. Be well!!!!
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    with spinal stenosis and spondylothesis, and this is structural issues....
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    Go to the Fluoridegate sites for the latest...

    Just maybe I'll see this monster slain before I leave this Earth.....

    Don't drink tap water if you live in a city that fluoridates....Iodine supplements help to counteract the fluoride poisons....
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    I have permission to post this info from FAN.

    Three more communities have voted to end fluoridation this year, increasing the number of fluoride-free citizens by another 5,000 people. All three towns are in Indiana--the Hoosier State—including the towns of Walkerton, North Liberty, and Lakeville. Walkerton was the first to vote the toxic chemical out of their water, and they did so because of the health concerns associated with overexposure to fluoride; a problem that now affects more than 41% of America’s adolescents. North Liberty ended fluoridation also due to concerns over health issues, but primarily because they border Walkerton and had purchased fluoridation chemicals in bulk along with Walkerton. When Walkerton ended fluoridation, the cost of chemicals was too high for North Liberty to purchase on their own. Separately, Lakeville councilors voted to end the practice solely due to the increasing cost of fluoridation chemicals.

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    Permission granted to post this by FAN.


    Earlier this summer we reported the story that the pro-fluoride lobby had forced the Wichita City Council to take up the fluoridation issue. Wichita is one of the largest cities in the U.S. that has remained **fluoride-free**, primarily because the citizens have voted to keep it that way on several occasions. However, with the pro-fluoride lobby (ADA, PEW, Delta Dental) having hundreds of millions of dollars to burn through and absolutely no care or concern for the public will, they were able to bring the issue before the city council after having collected the 11,000 petition signatures necessary to get the issue before the council and on the ballot. Rather than vote to approve fluoridation unilaterally, the council placed the question on the November ballot.

    There are now several organized groups in Kansas working to educate the public prior to this November fluoridation vote. There is Fluoride Free Kansas, Pure Water Wichita (Facebook), and Wichitans Opposed to Fluoridation. Kansas residents can also contact FAN’s local point person: DeAnna Havens. We urge you to get involved no matter where you live in Kansas, because if Wichita falls to the pro-fluoride lobby, there is no telling how many other communities may follow their lead.

    The group Pure Water Wichita has invited the pro-fluoride lobby to a televised debate prior to the November election. It appears that the pro-fluoride folks have yet to officially respond with a challenger, so fluoride-free advocates have asked for members of the public to join in on the debate.

    We will keep you informed on what is going on in Wichita, and will share video of the debate as soon as it is made public. Stay tuned and get involved if you live nearby!

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    Permission granted to print.


    Dr. Paul Connett went to Portland last week to support the movement to keep the city fluoride-free. Jim Lockhart of the Comcast cable access show “A Growing Concern” filmed Dr. Connett’s presentation, which included a full PowerPoint breakdown of the issue. The evening opened with words by Clean Water Portland Executive Director and FAN Point Person Kim Kaminski. Please watch and share this presentation with fluoride-free advocates around the world, as it’s a powerful and compelling argument against this unhealthy and unethical practice.

    Portland residents are continuing their efforts to collect the nearly 20,000 signatures necessary to overturn the Portland Council’s vote for fluoridation. If you live in or near Portland, Oregon and would like to help this unprecedented campaign, please contact Clean Water Portland, attend their signature education meetings, or visit their website and download the official petition forms. Remember, you must use an official petition form, the signers must be registered voters and Portland residents.

    We can only succeed with lots of help from as many of you as possible, so even if you don’t live in Portland, please spread the word about the campaign, and please urge anyone you know living near Portland to get involved immediately.

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    Permission granted to print.


    Earlier this summer--only weeks after Albuquerque ended fluoridation--the city council in Santa Fe, New Mexico (population 70,000) voted almost unanimously to end the fluoridation of their drinking water. Unfortunately, councilors didn’t use the appropriate legislative process, or hold a public hearing with the appropriate amount of public notification prior to their vote, resulting in the continuation of their fluoridation program. Over the past two months, councilors have been trying to decide whether to bring the fluoridation issue to a public vote or to pass a resolution ending fluoridation after several years of oral health education.

    Now it appears like the council will simply go ahead with another resolution to quickly end fluoridation once and for all with a council vote. With almost all councilors opposed to fluoridation due to the health risks, overexposure, and costs, they decided to reintroduce a second prohibition resolution which they plan on voting on in late October.

    If you are a New Mexico resident, or a medical or scientific professional, please contact the city council and urge them to continue their support for clean, fluoride-free water.

    -The Huffington Post held an online fluoridation debate featuring FAN’s own Michael Connett. You can watch the discussion in its entirety here.

    -Dr. William Hirzy was interviewed by CBS regarding his testimony in Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, the City Council subcommittee voted to keep fluoride in the water, but efforts are being made to bring the issue to the full committee and even to the State House.

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    Permission granted by FAN to print.

    4 More Victories

    There are several more communities to add to our list of over 70 that have voted to end fluoridation since 2010:

    • O’Fallon, Missouri—Missouri’s 7th largest town (pop. 80,000) recently ended fluoridation after a citizen activist informed city employees about the dangers of water fluoridation. The City Administrator did his own research and signed off on the discontinuation of the practice. In the town’s 2012 Budget, the city administrators speak highly of the change, saying “one such improvement is the elimination of the addition of fluoride to the potable water supplied by the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), this change in treatment has saved the City $18,000 annually and reduced the hazard for the operators in that they do not have to handle the dangerous chemical on a regular basis.”

    •Rosetown, Saskatchewan—The Canadian community of 2,300 has ended their fluoridation program after the fluoride feed-pump broke, likely due to corrosion. The community doesn’t plan on continuing fluoridation in the future.

    • Lake view, Iowa—The town of 1,300 people will no longer have the additive in their drinking water after the city council voted to discontinue fluoridation due to the practice’s high cost and lack of positive economic benefit. You can hear the City Administrator interviewed about the decision here.

    • Cassadaga, NY—Citizen opposition to a plan by Village Board members to fluoridate the drinking water was raised at weekly village board meetings after the village built a fluoridation feed shed. The opposition led to board members polling the town’s citizens on whether to fluoridate or reject the practice. 78% of water customers opposed fluoridation and 18% supported it. The Board members then voted 4-1 to officially reject the practice for the town’s approximately 600 residents. The neighboring community of Lily Dale, NY is on the same drinking water system, so the decision will also impact its 275 citizens and the town’s approximately 22,000 registered annual visitors.

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    board on Fluorides and Iodine deficiency and thyroid and immune deficiency...Check it out....

    Fluorides are in EVERYTHING and building up in our bodies and doing so much damage.....
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    Permission granted by FAN to print all info related to this subject;

    It is with great excitement and satisfaction that FAN can report that the people of Wichita, Kansas--the second largest non-fluoridated city in the U.S.--resoundingly rejected water fluoridation last night, just like they did in 1968 and 1978. The vote wasn’t even close, with a margin of 60% opposed to fluoridation to 40% in favor. The decision will save taxpayers over $2.3 million dollars this year, and ensure that more than 600,000 residents continue to receive fluoride-free drinking water.

    The ground game in Wichita was an inspiring sight to behold, with a dedicated and well-organized group of citizen campaigners who took on the behemoth dental-lobby and defeated them with the truth. The groups leading the charge included Fluoride Free Kansas, Wichitans Opposed to Fluoridation, Pure Water for Wichita, and the Kansas Republican Assembly. Today, local campaigners issued this inspirational response to the election results.

    This amazing outcome in Wichita is a major blow to the pro-fluoride lobby, and is a prime example of why proponents of forced fluoridation prefer to lobby city councilors and legislators behind closed doors--as they did in Portland, Oregon and tried to do initially in Wichita--rather than face the public with a fluoridation vote. It demonstrates that even when the pro-fluoridation national machine (e.g., Pew, Delta Dental, ADA, CDC, etc) descends upon a city with their bottomless pit of money and media endorsements, truth and common sense can still prevail if the people rise up and refuse to let their public water supply be polluted with the phosphate industry's fluoride waste.

    While fluoride-free campaigners focused on public education and generating a city-wide debate prior to the vote, proponents took their campaign strategy to new lows by ignoring a science-based discussion and instead attacked and ridiculed the credibility of the fluoride-free movement and Dr. Paul Connett. (Read Connett’s response) Anyone who heard Dr. Connett speak at any of his 6 presentations in Wichita, or heard or saw him on radio and TV programs, or has read his book, The Case Against Fluoride, knows that the claims made by fluoridationists were over the top and very misleading. Clearly their attacks failed. And it revealed how little of real substance proponents had to add to the fluoridation debate.

    Congratulations Wichita -- you have remained in good company (e.g., London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Tokyo) in keeping fluoride out of your water. This victory truly is “Something to Smile About”.

    Crescent City, California

    Wichita wasn’t the only American city that voted to end fluoridation on Election Day. The California community of Crescent City voted 524-402 to remove fluoride from the drinking water until any chemical supplier on earth can vouch for the additive’s safety “for all customers.” Local proponents argued effectively that “since the manufacturers of hydrofluosilicic acid will not submit the toxicological data or the list of contaminants in their product, it is technically illegal to put this substance in the water.”

    The decision will impact an estimated 14,000 area residents, and will save taxpayers more than $20,000 each year. Congratulation Crescent City!

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    Permission granted from FAN to print all fluoride material:

    On Thursday night a Durham, North Carolina ABC news affiliate, WTVD-11, aired a powerful and honest investigative news story on water fluoridation that correctly questioned the safety of the unnecessary chemical additive. Reporter Steve Daniels covered the story of local resident Corey Sturmer who has dental fluorosis and is now leading a campaign to remove fluoride from the Durham water supply. The report features interviews with Sturmer, local dentists, and Dr. Kathleen Thiessen (a member of the committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water for the National Research Council).

    Watch “How Safe is Fluoride in Your Water?”

    Mr. Sturmer has already taken his fluoride education campaign to the streets, placing flyers around town and creating an informative website for his group, Durham Against Fluoride. He has also testified before the Durham County Board of Health, which has stated that they will now look into his concerns regarding fluoridation.

    Please take a few minutes to watch and share this important news story. Share it with friends, family, colleagues, and especially local decision-makers (city councilors and state legislators). Also, if you live near Durham, NC please contact Durham Against Fluoride and join the campaign to end fluoridation while the momentum and media attention is building.

    Please also take a moment to visit reporter Steve Daniels’ Facebook page to thank him for his great reporting, as he requested viewers to do at the end of the report. If he see’s that there is a large amount of interest in his story, the likelihood of follow-up stories will be greater.


    Stuart Cooper
    Campaign Manager
    Fluoride Action Network

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