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    Permission is ALWAYS granted to print this info and spread the word to all.

    The best TV coverage on fluoridation and a meeting in Rayleigh, NC tonight

    On Nov. 15, 2012, the I-Team at WTVD, a Durham, NC, ABC-TV affiliate dug into the science behind the fluoride controversy and reported that “we found study after study dating back to the 80s from respected academic and scientific institutions that connect fluoride to health dangers."

    Government officials claim fluoride chemicals added to water supplies are a safe tooth decay preventive and often dismiss valid negative fluoride findings as “junk science.”

    But according to the I-Team investigation “Some of the studies were funded by the government. They suggest fluoride can be linked to brain, blood and bone deficiencies in humans. This past summer, Harvard University released a report after reviewing 27 studies of children in China exposed to fluoride. It concluded the higher the fluoride exposure, the lower the child's IQ.”

    At EPA’s request, the US National Research Council (NRC) issued a 2006 report after reviewing fluoride toxicological data and “found fluoride can affect the thyroid gland and potentially lower the intelligence of children,” reports the I-team.

    "EPA's drinking water standards are supposed to protect all persons against anticipated adverse health effects of the contaminant in question," explained Kathleen Thiessen [to the I-Team] - one of the scientists who worked on the 400-page study. "And we concluded after three years worth of work that the drinking water standard for fluoride was not protective and cannot be assumed to be safe for humans."

    The EPA was warned about potential fluoride health dangers by one of its own chemists more than a decade ago. Dr. William Hirzy testified before a Senate subcommittee in 2000. He was representing the views of EPA scientists and staff who analyze hazards in the environment.

    Hirzy said "In 1997, we voted to oppose fluoridation, and our opposition has grown stronger as more adverse data on the practice has come in.”

    Former EPA senior scientist Robert J. Carton, PhD, wrote in a 1993 affidavit that EPA’s 1985 fluoride drinking water standard “is a classic case of political interference with science.”

    A new group, Durham Against Fluoride, has been formed to stop fluoridation in Durham, North Carolina. It is led by Corey Sturmer who has dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) caused by fluoride over-ingestion and extensive tooth decay at age 25

    Meeting in Raleigh tonight (Dec 4) at 7 pm
    In the wake of overwhelming response to WTVD’s investigative story, Durham Against Fluoride is hoping for a big turn-out at the Raleigh City Council meeting at 7 pm today.

    The goal: to get North Carolina’s capital city to abandon its 40+-year-old practice of fluoridating the public water supplies.

    The place: Municipal Building?222 West Hargett St.?Council Chambers?Raleigh, NC 27601

    If you live near Raleigh please attend this meeting. Or if you know anyone who lives in Raleigh please let him or her know that this is happening. That’s 7 pm today!

    Paul Connett, PhD,

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    Permission granted to post, from FAN.

    For today’s bulletin we are going to update a bulletin that was written for us last year by Chris Neurath, FAN’s Science Director. The quote we have used for this bulletin Fluoride Science is Tobacco Science, comes from another Chris, Chris Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception.

    The full quote is:

    Fluoride science is corporate science,
    fluoride science is DDT science,
    it's asbestos science,
    it's tobacco science,
    it's a racket!
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    Permission granted to post, via FAN.

    STOP PRESS NEWS: This just in, voters in Pine Island, Florida have voted to end fluoridation! Earlier this year, Pine Island Water Association officials started fluoridating the water, calling local opposition to the practice a "vocal minority", but local campaigners were able to gather enough petition signatures to force a vote on the issue. Evidently, that "vocal minority" was actually an angry majority.

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    Permission granted from FAN to publish here.

    A few days ago I received this very moving email from Alonna (Lonny) McKeone

    I normally do not request anything for my donations but this time I would like a T- Shirt with the hopes that wearing it will provide the information about your website and the fantastic work you do to stop the poisoning of our public drinking water. I was very much physically and mentally affected by the fluoridated water after moving to Schuylkill Haven, PA. It was so debilitating that I was possibly 2 to 3 weeks from being confined to a wheelchair, and I, and my family are also thoroughly convinced I would have eventually died from fluoride poisoning. All the Medical Professionals I went to for help had absolutely no idea what was wrong and could not help me. They labeled me with the Multiple Sclerosis and sent me on my way.

    My Sister, with the help of your website, finally figured out what was wrong with me. I stopped drinking, eating, and cooking anything associated with fluoridated water and the symptoms reversed and I now have my life back, although some of the damage done by my fluoride poisoning will always be with me, and if I accidently eat or drink anything with fluoride my body lets me know it.

    Thank You and everyone for providing us with the very accurate information that helped me, and also helped to finally stop the fluoridation of the public drinking water in Schuylkill Haven, PA., as well as all other communities that have stopped. I Thank you again for the wonderful work you all do. It has made an incredible difference in my life and probably many, many other lives.

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    as always permission granted by FAN to print:

    STOP PRESS NEWS: Two more communities have stopped adding fluoride to the drinking water. Residents of Kirkland, Ontario (population 8,133) and Milton, Florida (population 7,000) will now be drinking fluoride-free water.


    Before we get to Rick North’s report on the fluoridation battle in Portland here is an update on the new petition to stop fluoridation as well as our fundraiser. In a nutshell the response to the petition has been terrific but the response to our fundraiser has slowed down dramatically (more details below). We need your help on both.

    The petition directed to Kathleen Sibelius, Director of the US Department of Health and Human Services, states:

    As citizens from around the world, we ask that you declare that water fluoridation products are drugs because they are intended to prevent the disease of tooth decay. However, such products are not approved drugs. Many experts state that water fluoridation products are not safe and effective. Please stop the sale of water fluoridation products that are not HHS or FDA approved as safe and effective drugs for use in public water supplies

    On the Portland Battle:

    Portland’s battle for fluoride-free water and democracy

    By Rick North

    On August 10, 2012, readers of the Oregonian newspaper awoke to this front-page headline: “Portland fluoride plans flow quietly.”

    The article revealed a behind-the-scenes effort by pro-fluoridationists, led by Upstream Public Health and their paid lobbyist, to persuade members of Portland city council to overturn Portland’s long-standing opposition to the chemical. Residents had voted against fluoridation three times (most recently in 1980).

    Since May, Upstream had been meeting with the city water bureau to plan for fluoridation. The first meeting also included a representative from the Oral Health Division of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Upstream’s “shock and awe” campaign

    Starting even earlier, Upstream had been quietly persuading numerous organizations behind the scenes to garner their endorsements. These included the Oregon Dental Association, Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Academy of Family Physicians, Oregon Nurses Association, Oregon Public Health Association, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente.

    They also received endorsements from many low-income and minority organizations such as the Urban League, Oregon Head Start, African American Health Coalition, Asian Health & Service Center, Oregon Latino Health Coalition and Native American Youth Association.

    When the pro-fluoridationists were ready to move, in what Paul Connett has called their “shock and awe” campaign, Upstream had over 80 organizations in their “Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth Coalition.” Not one had contacted Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water (OCSDW) to get the other side of the story.

    OCSDW knew that Upstream had hired a lobbyist over a year ago (who was also a campaign consultant for several Portland commissioners and candidates), but had figured that no attempt to fluoridate would take place until after the November 2012 election. OCSDW had met with staff of city commissioners earlier in the year and received assurance that no fluoridation attempt was in the works.

    Everything done in secret------

    The discussions were so secret that mayors of Portland suburbs, under multi-year contracts to buy Portland’s water, didn’t know about them either. Water couldn’t be segregated so residents of these suburbs would be forced to drink fluoridated water if Portland fluoridated. Three of the largest cities, Tigard, Tualatin and Gresham, all sent letters to Portland mayor Sam Adams critical of the action and stealth by which it was pursued.

    The print media were almost totally supportive of fluoridation. The Oregonian’s editorials led the way, labeling opposition as “crackpottery” and running a political cartoon picturing the opposition as toothless barbarians demonstrating in front of city hall. However, the Oregonian’s straight news coverage was fairly unbiased.

    Two weekly newspapers, Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury, also supported fluoridation. Only one major paper, the twice-weekly Portland Tribune, stayed independent and ran several stories highlighting aspects of the story the other papers didn’t have. The TV stations were neutral. KGW, the NBC affiliate, had a debate on a half hour public affairs program with two representatives from each side.

    Portland is a liberal city and the main progressive talk radio station, KPOJ, had a morning talk show host who was staunchly pro-fluoride and dismissive of anyone opposing it. KBOO, another progressive station, was more even-handed. It hosted a debate between Paul Connett and a pro-fluoride advocate, who intimidated that Paul was a fearmonger. When Paul challenged her to produce one page in his book The Case Against Fluoride, that she could call fearmongering she responded that the whole book was fearmongering. Afterwards, she privately admitted to Paul that she hadn’t actually read the book!

    Upstream was also running a 30-second TV spot featuring a physician supporting fluoridation. On the spot, he emphasized that “Fluoridation is supported by every major health organization – every one.” The statement wasn’t true, but the ad ran anyway, on both TV, and the internet.

    Like clockwork

    After the story broke, the process moved swiftly. Commissioner Randy Leonard, who headed the city water bureau, led the way. Mayor Sam Adams and commissioner Nick Fish declared their support of the fluoridation ordinance in advance of the sole public hearing, held on Sept. 6. This ensured the ordinance would pass in Portland’s five-member city council.
    Other government endorsements followed like clockwork, including the Multnomah County (where Portland is located) commissioners and Governor John Kitzhaber, a physician.

    There is MORE to long saga but for **Oregon people** petitions are in place and it's going to be a long hard battle.

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    permission given by FAN to post

    This news in today and I'm sick about it...Maureen Jones up there has been fighting this issue for YEARS, her father before her and NOW....she's lost too. She worked with us down here in So. Cal with our battle....just sickens me.

    Before we get to my commentary and our updates here is some BAD NEWS:

    San Jose water district adding fluoride to water

    While many communities in the rest of the country - and even the world -are stopping fluoridation, California seems to be trapped in a time-warp. Largely because of the mandatory fluoridation bill that passed in California 1995, the fluoridation promoters seem to be able to march into the remaining large unfluoridated cities and force through fluoridation with little resistance from decision makers - once the proponents have secured a source of private funding (in actual fact, the funding used in some cases has not been private at all, but money which has originated from tobacco taxes). This happened a few years ago with the Metropolitan water district in Southern California, where 18 million people were fluoridated after only a brief public hearing, and then two years ago in San Diego (even though the citizens have voted twice not to be fluoridated and even a local law was introduced to that end) and now San Jose. Sadly, in terms of sheer numbers of people affected these losses dwarf the number of people who have been liberated from fluoridation elsewhere in the last few years. Until this mandatory bill is voted out we are going to have to continue watch these sad losses in California. The message for the rest of us is to do everything possible to prevent any further states introducing mandatory fluoridation bills - and do what we can to overturn the ones already in existence. They are the kiss of death for local democracy.

    Before we get to my account of why I continue to fight fluoridation, here is an update on the petition to stop fluoridation and an update on our annual fundraiser.

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    I'm spreading the words to more and more health sites I'm on and waking people up....making them aware anyway.

    Search: Arthritis and Fluoride and tons of info comes up.

    And KNOW, the FDA never has approved fluoride for ingestion....the maddness continues...the money trail gets longer....
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    the main group "fighting" this battle thruout the world just finished their annual fundraiser and were able to raise $100K from 500 some people....

    Now they will continue their work for another year at least, hope Dr. Connett can stay healthy and continue this fight....

    Don't drink the fluoridated water folks...jam
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    Permission granted to print by FAN.

    This is piece meal, more to follow:

    The Quad Cities
    This week Paul Connett (FAN's director and the co-author of The Case Against Flouride) started his 2013 fluoridation tour in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois. The Quad Cities consist of four cities that straddle the Mississippi river, two being located in Iowa (Davenport and Bettendorf) and two in Illinois (Rock Island and Moline).

    On January 14 Paul gave his first presentation at the public library in Bettendorf on the science underpinning both the ineffectiveness of fluoridation and its health dangers. You can watch Paul’s full presentation on video here.

    The following day, on January 15, Paul gave a presentation at the public library in Moline on the “spin” that attempts to keep this outdated practice going. This presentation was intended to be a debate with any local pro-fluoride professional, but once again no promoters of fluoridation were willing to defend their position in public and on the record.

    In total, about 150 local residents attended the two Quad City presentations, which were organized by the local fluoride-free organization, Have the Debate. This well organized group is led by Todd McGreevy, the publisher of the local newspaper River Cities Reader (now on its 20th year of publication). It was one of the writers for this newspaper – Jeff Ignatius – who wrote one of the earliest (Dec 2010) and most enthusiastic reviews of The Case Against Fluoridation, authored by Connett, Beck and Micklem (Chelsea Green, 2010).

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    Permission granted by FAN to publish.

    Thanks to Dr. Connett and his team, 330K some people will be saved from this toxin:

    Approximately 330,000 Canadians living in and around Windsor, Ontario will be drinking fluoride-free water in the near future. After more than a year of campaigning by local residents, and a 6-hour long hearing on Monday night, the Windsor Council voted 8-3 to end fluoridation. Mayor Eddie Francis also voted with the majority, saying: “A lot has changed in the last 60 years…fluoride is not the be-all and end-all to prevent tooth decay.”

    This decision will not only impact the city of Windsor, but will also remove the fluoride from the drinking water of neighboring communities LaSalle and Tecumseh. This past March, Tecumseh town councilors voted 3-1 to ask Windsor to stop adding fluoride to the water. Prior to Tecumseh’s vote both the Windsor Essex County Environment Committee and the Windsor Utilities Commission recommended that the city end their fluoridation program after citizens raised concerns about the additive.

    This amazing victory was led by a number of well-organized citizens who established Fluoride Free Windsor (Facebook page), including Kimberley DeYong, Donna Mayne, and Ayesha Drouillard. Help was provided by Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation, Heather Gingerich, and many others. These campaigners are an inspiration, and great example of how a team can work together to end water fluoridation by educating the community and local decision-makers.
    Windsor, Tecumseh, and LaSalle will now join the growing number of Canadian communities that have recently ended fluoridation, including Waterloo, Calgary, Lakeshore, Kirkland Lake, Orillia, Moncton, Amherstburg, and many more. In fact, according to the Director of the Environmental Training Institute--which trains municipal waterworks operators—“there’s been a 26 per cent drop in Canadian municipalities using fluoridation since 2005.”

    Clearly we are moving in the right direction. Congratulations Windsor!
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    Permission granted by Fan to print:

    Check out petition, too, help with this battle.

    •There are more than 4,200 signers so far on this AVAAZ.org petition to Stop Water Fluoridation. Please take a minute to sign and share it--post it on your social media pages and email it to friends, family and colleagues. If we’re able to get enough signatures, there is a chance that AVAAZ will help promote the petition, which would result in many more signers.

    •Clean Water Portland has kicked off the next phase of their campaign to reverse the City Council’s vote to fluoridate Portland, Oregon’s drinking water. They have already successfully gotten the fluoridation question on the ballot for a vote this May, but they will need all of the volunteers and support they can get up until the vote to educate Portland citizens and combat the pro-fluoride propaganda machine. This is the biggest fluoridation fight right now, and a victory this spring is crucial. Please Get Involved and donate to this important campaign.

    •We would like to congratulate Hans Helland of San Antonio, Texas, who won the fundraising raffle for The Case Against Fluoride signed by all three authors, Paul Connett, James Beck, and H.S. Micklem. The names of everyone who donated to FAN during our annual fundraising drive went into the raffle. If anyone who donated hasn't received their premium gift yet, please email Ellen.
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    Permission granted by FAN to publish. For details of each community, you can go to FAN for info.

    The fluoride-free movement is off to a wonderful start in 2013, with communities ending fluoridation at an unprecedented rate. In North America, nine communities with approximately 372,626 residents have voted to end existing fluoridation programs over the past two months, including:

    Olivehurst & Plumas Lake, California

    Smithville, Missouri

    St. Croix, Wisconsin

    Balsam Lake, Wisconsin

    Windsor, La Salle, & Tecumseh, Ontario

    Becancour, Quebec

    This list doesn’t include the many communities that have voted to keep fluoride from being introduced into their drinking water. But even more impressive then the momentum in North America is the groundswell of opposition in Australia right now.

    Queensland, Australia Leading the Fluoride-free Charge

    Since the Queensland State government ended the statewide fluoridation mandate three months ago, 29 communities with approximately 464,748 residents have voted to end fluoridation in Queensland. Most recently the Fraser Coast Regional Council (with a population of 102,080) voted 8-3 to stop fluoridation, followed by the town of Conclurry, where Mayor Andrew Daniels said of fluoridation:

    “The ongoing cost is one thing…local government shouldn’t have to supply that to the community when it’s easy for them to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste and take care of their own teeth,” he said. “If we start cleaning their teeth for them, will they want us to start wiping their backsides for them too?”
    Mayor Daniels isn’t the only public official fed up with fluoridation. Councils throughout Queensland are considering an end to the practice, including Moreton Bay, Mackay, Gladstone, Charters Towers, and Toowoomba, among others. Of course fluoride proponent are reeling at the reality that most citizens don’t want fluoridation shoved down their throats. Rather than backing off of the issue, proponents are going on the attack, with Federal Health Minister Tania Plibersek leading the charge.

    Local Queensland governments are being urged to end fluoridation by local citizens, as well as FAN-Australia and Merilyn Haines, who is a great fluoride-free leader. If you would like to participate in ridding Australia of fluoridation please contact FAN-Australia.

    Paul in New Zealand and San Francisco
    FAN’s Director and co-author of “The Case Against Fluoride,” Dr. Paul Connett is now on the last leg of his tour of Australia and New Zealand, where he has been speaking with campaigners, decision-makers, and the media about the dangers associated with fluoridation throughout February. First, he made a quick stop in Australia where there have been 29 fluoride-free victories in the past three months. While there, Dr. Connett repeatedly challenged proponents to a public fluoridation debate, but just like in the United States proponents ran for the hills rather then even attempt to defend the practice they promote. Clearly even they realize that their junk science and propaganda cannot stand up to even the slightest bit of public scrutiny and the latest research. Because no one would debate him, Dr. Connett took to the airwaves with a message for Australian officials and fluoridation proponents on a national morning talk show.

    On that note, we want to remind you that it has now been 56 days since Dr. William Maas, former director of the Oral Health Division of the CDC, and now spokesperson for the Pew Charitable Trust was challenged to debate Paul Connett on the merits of fluoridation, but as of today there has been no word from Maas or his colleagues.

    Connett will be in Dunedin and Invercargill, Zealand throughout this week for various speaking engagements. Click her to view Connett’s schedule. After returning from New Zealand, Dr. Connett will be heading to San Francisco on March 22 for the “Get the F Out! Symposium and March” at Union Square at 3pm. You can learn more about this Bay area event and RSVP by clicking here. You can also download a poster for the event that can be shared and distributed.

    Paul in New Zealand and San Francisco

    FAN’s Director and co-author of “The Case Against Fluoride,” Dr. Paul Connett is now on the last leg of his tour of Australia and New Zealand, where he has been speaking with campaigners, decision-makers, and the media about the dangers associated with fluoridation throughout February. First, he made a quick stop in Australia where there have been 29 fluoride-free victories in the past three months. While there, Dr. Connett repeatedly challenged proponents to a public fluoridation debate, but just like in the United States proponents ran for the hills rather then even attempt to defend the practice they promote. Clearly even they realize that their junk science and propaganda cannot stand up to even the slightest bit of public scrutiny and the latest research. Because no one would debate him, Dr. Connett took to the airwaves with a message for Australian officials and fluoridation proponents on a national morning talk show.

    On that note, we want to remind you that it has now been 56 days since Dr. William Maas, former director of the Oral Health Division of the CDC, and now spokesperson for the Pew Charitable Trust was challenged to debate Paul Connett on the merits of fluoridation, but as of today there has been no word from Maas or his colleagues.

    Connett will be in Dunedin and Invercargill, Zealand throughout this week for various speaking engagements. Click her to view Connett’s schedule. After returning from New Zealand, Dr. Connett will be heading to San Francisco on March 22 for the “Get the F Out! Symposium and March” at Union Square at 3pm. You can learn more about this Bay area event and RSVP by clicking here. You can also download a poster for the event that can be shared and distributed.

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    Permission granted as always. This Portland deal is HUGE.

    Be Part of History by Helping Clean Water Portland

    There are only 11 weeks left until the crucial May 21 ballot vote on fluoridation for the residents of the city of Portland, Oregon. Portland remains the largest non-fluoridated U.S. city and we need to keep it that way. This is clearly the biggest campaign right now for the fluoride-free movement, as well as for proponents of fluoridation. The pro-fluoride lobby will do everything in their power to keep from losing in Portland after losing this past fall in Wichita, Kansas. They have already opened up their huge pocketbooks and have hired a full campaign staff. The Portland Water Bureau has also already spent $153,000 to start the planning process for initiating fluoridation even though residents halted fluoridation plans unless approved by voters this May.

    The people of Portland need your help now more than ever! While proponents have a team of hired staffers, PR consultants, lobbyists, campaign managers, and a seemingly unlimited budget, the fluoride-free campaigners of Clean Water Portland depend on private donations and local volunteers. If you live near Portland then please contact Clean Water Portland and volunteer. If you cannot volunteer but would like to help make a huge difference, then please make a donation. Winning a referendum vote requires a massive voter education and advertising campaign, and without your help the truth is likely to be replaced in TV, radio, and newspaper ads with pro-fluoride propaganda and junk science.

    Fluoridegate the Film
    A new film entitled “Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy” has been produced by Dr. David Kennedy. It’s a revealing and startling look into the practice of fluoridation and how the government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote the practice regardless of the known health risks and the growing number of victims.

    Click Here to Watch Fluoridegate Now


    Stuart Cooper

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    Permission always granted to print:

    Before we get to the breaking story about the Wichita Eagle newspaper, we want to share the following three stories:

    •Last week in Pennsylvania, the Tyrone Borough council voted 6-2 to end the artificial fluoridation of their drinking water. The vote came after concerned citizens approached councilors and the Water Superintendent. The news story covering the vote is worth a read.

    •The plan to mandate fluoridation for the entire county of Hampshire, which includes Southampton, in the UK will likely be reversed with new government guidelines that will give local councilors control of fluoridation. This decision comes four years after 72 percent of the residents polled by the South Central Strategic Health Authority opposed fluoridation.

    •On Friday, March 22, Dr. Paul Connett will be speaking at the Get the Fluoride Out Symposium and Rally in San Francisco, California. The event will begin in Union Square Park at 3pm, and will include a rally and march to the Civic Center where the symposium will be held. Joining Dr. Connett at the symposium will be Alameda dentist, Dr. Terecita Dean. You can also RSVP and share the event on Facebook.

    More on Wichita:

    How the Wichita Eagle Misled the Public
    As many of you know, the fluoride-lobby directed a great deal of their time and money this past summer and fall on an attempt to force fluoridation on the residents of Wichita, Kansas. Thankfully, local campaigners were successful in educating citizens who eventually voted against fluoridating the water supply by a 60%-40% vote. During the entire debate, the local newspaper--the Wichita Eagle—heavily promoted fluoridation in its editorial pages, and published many news stories that appeared to share a pro-fluoride slant.

    One such news article entitled “Harvard Scientists: Data on fluoride, IQ not applicable in U.S.”, was a glaring example of how the paper’s pro-fluoride bias infiltrated their news stories. The article was the Eagle’s coverage of the recent peer reviewed research paper published by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health linking fluoride exposure to lower IQ in children. The Wichita paper’s opening paragraph on the Harvard IQ study declared:

    “Harvard university scientists say Wichita voters shouldn’t depend on a research study they compiled to decide whether to put fluoride in the city’s drinking water to fight tooth decay.”

    This, however, was false. Dr. Philippe Grandjean, the senior scientist on the Harvard team, has criticized the Wichita paper for deceptively attributing its own conclusions on fluoridation to the Harvard scientists. Fluoridation’s potential to produce “chemical brain drain,” Grandjean writes, is an issue that “definitely deserves concern.”

    Now the pro-fluoride lobby is citing this inaccurate article across the country whenever the Harvard study is brought up in an effort to convince decision-makers and the public to disregard fluoride’s link to reduced IQ.

    Read FAN’s Full Report on the Wichita Eagle’s Poor Reporting

    Don’t Miss This
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    Permission granted to post.

    New Zealand & Portland Updates &
    Rob Schneider's comments:

    There was a major fluoride-free victory this month in New Zealand, and today is the deadline for fluoridation to be shut off for the 150,000 residents in the city of Hamilton. On June 5, the Hamilton city council vote 7-1 to make the city the second largest unfluoridated community in the country.
    While the effort was spearheaded by Fluoride Action Network New Zealand, there were many others involved, including Fluoride Free Hamilton, the members of the fluoride Tribunal, the 120 people who testified at the hearings (including FAN Director Paul Connett, PhD.), and the nearly 1,400 residents who petitioned the council to end fluoridation. Here is a much more comprehensive list put together by Fluoride Free Hamilton of experts who testified and supplied written testimony.
    The victory has caused the dental community in New Zealand to attack the decision and call for a referendum to overturn the council’s vote. Mary Byrne, the National Coordinator for FAN-NZ, wrote a comprehensive review of the backlash following the Hamilton victory.
    Listen to Dr. Paul Connett discuss his thoughts on the historic victory in Hamilton in this short radio interview while on the Vinny Eastwood Show.
    More Celebrities Oppose Fluoridation
    This week actor, comedian, and environmentalist Rob Schneider expressed his strong opposition to water fluoridation during an interview with Fox news affiliate WNYF-TV in Watertown, New York. Schneider calls fluoride a “toxic poison” and urges people to get involved, saying “get it out of your water…you have to fight for it.” His response is at the 4:00 minute mark.
    Schneider’s comments come as the city council in Watertown, NY is debating ending fluoridation. You can learn more about the campaign in Watertown, and get involved by visiting Watertown Anti-Fluoridation Action
    Comedian and political commentator, Bill Maher also recently spoke out in opposition to fluoridation. While being interviewed he was asked what he thought about the recent fluoridation vote in Portland, Oregon. He replied, “I would have voted no as well…don’t add it to water, let consumers make their own choice.”
    Maher and Schneider are not the only celebrities who have openly opposed fluoridation. Earlier this year Ed Begley Jr. and Ed Asner filmed fluoride-free public service announcements. In years past, actor Martin Sheen, actor and fitness expert Suzanne Somers, bodybuilding world champion Dorian Yates, and actor and former Governor Jessie Ventura have all come out against fluoridation, bringing greater awareness to the issue.
    Mercury Amalgam Petition
    Please take a moment to sign and share this important Change.org petition created by Consumers for Dental Choice. It petitions the CEO of the dental supply manufacturer Dentsply to end the production of mercury amalgam fillings. These fillings are an environmental pollutant and a serious health risk.
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    Permission always granted by FAN to post info updates...Latest is Israel plans to end fluoridation in 2014, this FRAUD has gone on way way way too long...Hope more will end before I depart this earth:

    Only 11 countries have over 50% of their populations drinking artificially fluoridated water. On July 29, 2013, that number was reduced to only 10 countries when the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that new regulations require Israel to stop adding fluoride chemicals into public water supplies in one year.

    The Izun Hozer Association for Dissemination of Health Education and Yaacov Gurman petitioned Israel’s highest court, November 12, 2012, demanding that the Ministry of Health order the cessation of fluoridation because it presents health dangers and its benefits are no longer widely accepted.
    A 1974 regulation mandated fluoridation throughout Israel. But in April 2013, the Minister of Health, Yael German, created a new regulation removing that mandate.
    The court ruled that the new regulations will not only bring an end to mandatory fluoridation in Israel in 2014 but will also put an end to any fluoridation – mandatory or voluntary. The Fluoride Action Network paid to have a professional translation of the Court's ruling, see it here.
    “It must be known to you that fluoridation can cause harm to the health of the chronically ill," including "people who suffer from thyroid problems," German wrote in a letter addressed to doctors opposed to ending fluoridation. On April 13, the Health Mialso had this to say about her decision on April 13:

    "My decision to stop fluoridation was because Israel fluoridated all the water for residential use. In fact, less than 2% of the water is used for drinking. Fluoridating the washing-machine water, dish-washer water, baths, toilets and gardening are actions without logic. Physicians told me that fluoridation can harm pregnant women, people who suffer from thyroid problems and the elderly. I was exposed to studies from the world that raise the suspicion that too much fluoride can harm teeth and bones. In the current state we receive fluoride from several sources: drinking water, toothpaste, cooking water, vegetables, and it is impossible to know what's the dose we absorb. The WHO published a study, which shows that there is no difference between cavity levels in countries that fluoridate and do not fluoridate. Because of this, with all considerations and interests combined, I think that continuing massive fluoridation of 100% of the water was not right and many also think that it harms the basic rights and the freedom of choice."

    According to Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director of FAN, “This is another nail in the coffin of this outdated program worldwide. We are lucky that the Minister of Health in Israel has had the courage to resist pressure from both her own bureaucrats and pro-fluoridation dentists and make this important decision.”
    Connett continued, “Zealous fluoridation promoters try to convince the American public that ‘everyone drinks fluoridated water.’ But the opposite is true. An overwhelming number of countries do not fluoridate, including 97% of the European population. In fact, over half the people in the world drinking fluoridated water live in the US. We are the odd ones out.”
    “Fluoridation is an outdated, unscientific, failed public health blunder,” says Connett "What I find remarkable here is that Health Minister German has been able to escape the unscientific 'belief' system on fluoridation that traps so many public health bureaucracies in fluoridated countries.”
    Many communities, over the last few years, stopped fluoridation in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Recently, both Wichita, Kansas and Portland, Oregon rejected fluoridation 60% to 40%. Hamilton, NZ, councilors voted 7-1 to stop 50 years of fluoridation after councilors listened to several days of testimony from those for and against fluoridation. Windsor, Ontario, stopped 51 years of fluoridation. Sixteen regional councils have halted or rejected fluoridation in Queensland, Australia since mandatory fluoridation was dropped there in Nov 2012.
    Meanwhile, New York City Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr. continues in his effort to halt fluoridation in NYC. And among anti-fluoridation activists it is anticipated that with Israel abandoning fluoridation, the next country to fall will be Ireland, which has had mandatory fluoridation in place since 1963. Today this practice is meeting strong opposition in Ireland from scientists like environmental consultant Declan Waugh, a number of health professionals, and a very creative group of young girls called “Little Miss Fluorides.”
    Research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals indicates that fluoride ingestion is ineffective at reducing tooth decay and harmful to health.
  17. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    I have been granted permission to publish all info on fluoridation by the FAN organization.

    And the Criminal Force continues and our taxes pay for this Forced Mass Medication of our public drinking water.....my local market can't keep their shelves filled with bottled water.....and the pushers continue to reap huge mega profits to get rid of their waste material in our waters:

    21 States Targeted for Fluoridation by the CDC's Oral Health Division

    While you may currently live in a state that does not mandate fluoridation, and a community that does not practice fluoridation, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from the threat of forced fluoridation. We have already described the lengths that the Pew Charitable Trusts will go to, and the huge amounts of money they will spend in their effort to fluoridate every public water supply in the U.S., but a new threat has emerged this year that could make the campaign much more difficult for all of us.

    In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced plans to provide $6.2 million dollars in grants annually for the next 5 years to 21 states to “improve state oral health services…such as community water fluoridation.” Meanwhile, the CDC reports that at least 41% of children aged 12-15 years of age have dental fluorosis (with another 19.7% in the “questionable” range) for a possible 60% of this age group with dental fluorosis, caused by overexposure to fluoride.

    The states awarded CDC grants include:
    Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    Three states – Hawaii, Idaho, and New Hampshire – are getting CDC oral health grants for the first time ever, and will receive $230,000 per year for up to five years, totaling $1,150,000 million in each state. It should come as no surprise that these three states are some of the least fluoridated in the U.S. According to the CDC, the grant money for these states will go to “developing an oral health surveillance plan, providing additional staff, developing a state oral health plan, strengthening partnerships and establishing a diverse state oral health coalition, and implementing communication strategies to promote oral disease prevention.” In other words, the money will go towards public relations, coalition building, and lobbying, rather than directly to effective oral health prevention, like sealant programs or free dental programs for children.

    The other 18 states will be receiving an average of $310,000 per year (up to $1.5 million total) to conduct additional activities, including “increasing the proportion of the population with access to fluoridated water.”
    According to the American Dental Association’s “Action for Dental Health” 2013 booklet, “The New York State Bureau of Dental Health used its 2012 CDC grant to support, strengthen and improve its fluoridation program,” and “CDC funding also supports the Bureau’s promoting fluoridation through a statewide network of volunteer dentist speakers.”
    Another excerpt from the ADA booklet is from Maryland Director of Oral Health Dr. Harry Goodman, who said, “We used [the grant] to do a lot with our fluoridation program. I can’t imagine where we’d be without the CDC.”

    It’s important to keep in mind that the $31 million dollars the CDC is awarding in grants over the next five years is all taxpayer money approved by Congress for the CDC’s budget. It’s also important to keep in mind that this $31 million will be going directly into the hands of the organizations, lobbyists, and community leaders that promote the expansion of fluoridation. Clearly, fluoridation promotion is a big business that offers financial benefit, influence, and additional staff and resources for those involved.
    According to FAN director Paul Connett, the CDC's Oral Health Division is Tweedledum to the ADA's Tweedledee. They work hand in hand in their fluoridation promotion efforts. It might be more efficient if the CDC were to move the Oral Health Division to Chicago!"

    So to reiterate, no one is safe from fluoridation, especially if you live in one of these 21 states. The recent battles in Portland and Wichita should be a reminder that those who support fluoridation aren’t just trying to protect it, but are working aggressively to expand it. They will continue to go down the list of unfluoridated cities, and states without fluoridation mandates until they reach their ultimate goal of 100% of community water systems having “optimal fluoride levels.”

    To combat these efforts by America’s fluoridation promoters, we will need to work even harder to organize our own local and statewide campaigns, create more educational resources for campaigners, and communicate directly with more decision-makers than ever before. While we don’t have the millions of dollars our opposition does, we do have momentum on our side, with more than 135 fluoride-free victories in just the past 3 years. More importantly, we have the truth on our side, as well as passion rather then profit motivating our campaigners around the country. Please help us maintain this momentum and protect these states from the expansion of fluoridation. Please make a tax-deductible donation today, don’t wait until your town is fluoridated.


    Stuart Cooper
    FAN, Campaign Manager
  18. Sharkie1974

    Sharkie1974 Member

    Quick question,??? Why is Fluoride so bad?? Please teach me something I do not know. I was under the impression that I have been brushing my teeth with baking soda and plain tap water my entire life knowing there was fluoride in the water to aid the dental hygiene. I only drink bottled or filtered water at 0 parts per million. I bathe in tap water with fluoride and brush my teeth with it knowing it will help fight cavities, since I am 38 years old and have no cavities. I guess they will remove the fluoride here soon and then i will have to buy fluoride seperate to brush my teeth with. Am I missing something??? Please e-mail me I would really like to know,
    LLL14 at aol.com
  19. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    Our organs don't need fluoride build up. There has been a battle going on for many many years since this practice started in 1948 in grand rapids....

    The fluoride pushed down our throats comes from a waste by product from the fertilizer indstury and this is a major way these people get rid of their waste....on an unsuspecting population. And profit hugely....truly.

    Fluoride buildup will hinder thryoid production, cause fluorosis to the teeth, cause arthritis and hip fractures and many say dumb down the society. It's in rat poison, was in the big bomb, teflon is made from fluoride and much much more chemicals.

    Our city bought into this "fraud" in late 2008, and I swear my joints got way worse as I shower in the stuff.....I ended up with a hip replacement in late 2010....I do not bathe in the stuff and never would.

    Fluoride is in everything, all our foods grown as they are watered with fluoride public waters..... brush your teeth and spit it out if you like fluoride....read the caution label now on TP....
  20. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Well-Known Member

    As always I have permission to post this info from FAN:

    Communities who have rejected "F" since 1990:

    From the very start, water fluoridation has always been an unpopular program. In its 60+ year ... Crescent City, California, 14,000, November 6, 2012. Lake View ... Plainfield, Vermont (voted to remove fluoride), 1,333, March 3, 2009. Chippewa ...

    If you look at the list you will see Santa Barbara 1999, the home of PH, their city fathers wanted nothing to do with this mass so called mass medication....we worked to convinced our council to follow Santa Barbara but they caved, we believe their pockets were very deep. I don't have much trust in politics at any level.