Fluoride Depletes Iodine

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    in the body which causes HypoT and Immune Deficiency.

    Our bodies are loaded with Fluorides from the water most drink to the all foods that are grown and irrigated with fluoridated waters....

    I've been supplementing with Iosol Iodine for going on 3 yrs now and know it's good for my body. If I happen to skip it, I get breast pain so I know I need it....

    Do your research but I'm just bringing this to your attention as we're talking about it on another health board.
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    Hi Jam - this is really good information. Iodine is really important for breast health, in addition to thyroid. There is evidence linking iodine deficiency to breast cancer. I recommend people google for more info. I am surprised that the medical community is not on board with this (well, okay, I'm not surprised, but disappointed!) I've been taking Atomidine, another type of iodine, for several years. Atomidine is the type that was recommended by Edgar Cayce, for what it's worth.

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    disappointed yes, but if the MD's did real health, they wouldn't have repeat customers....people would be getting healthier, not sicker and sicker....

    Fluoride is in EVERYTHING and it builds up in the body...talk about joint issues....this is a huge one.
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    even integrative MD's are not all created equal. The one I've stuck with for the last 5 yrs or so wasn't up on Iodine Deficiency and my gf had to lend her Dr. Brownstein's book: Iodine Deficiency....

    The integrative MD I saw before this one was up on the Iodine and had me taking it, but taking the wrong kind, did my research and found the Iosol to be the one I wanted to be taking and not potassium iodine.

    The mainstream MD's don't touch this area of health...

    MD's don't tell us iodine deficiency shuts down production of thyroxine, the thyroid prohormone that controls metabolism, and, impacts every aspect of health. The resulting hypoT causes weight gain, cold intolerance, dry and prematurely aged skin, depression, constipation, hair loss, memory loss, irritability, increased cholesterol levels, heart disease, and more.

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    and the health subject ALWAYS comes up. She went off Iosol Iodine about 5 months ago or so, her MD said to....

    So now she wonders why her basal temp is 95 and it needs to be 97+....she needs the iodine for her thyroid and then she said how her breasts hurt at certains of month, again the Iodine....needless to say, she is going to order it again.

    There is so much info for us to educate ourselves with, these MD's just don't help with prevention....