Fluoride & Joint/Muscle PAIN & Cancers

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    As many of you may know, I'm a fanatic on the use of fluoride in MOST communities in the U.S. and other parts of the world.... I have a major post going where I update the latest on those areas removing and rejecting fluoride to public waters....

    One can google: Fluoride and Pain and will get a large numbers of links on muscle/joint pain etc.

    I know many of you folks "soak" in waters that are fluoridated and chlorinated and I would think of that one, I wouldn't think of doing that. Plus I could not get down or out of tub anyway....but even if I could, would not soak. Some of you may still drink fluoridated tap water!!!!!!!

    This past Wednesday, I took a shower in fluoridated water which our "dumb/paid off" city did to our waters in 2008, that night I was awake at about 4AM in massive body pain. Just all over and it took some doing to get back to sleep, homeopathic remedies I take during the night and gaba and inositol and calms got me back to sleep..

    Last night, I slept thru the night in hardly any pain, my normal pain. At this point, since being fluoridated in 2008, I take less showers than ever in my life...Shower filters cost over $100.. Our SKIN is our biggest organ. jam
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    I will continue to "watch" this and had NO major pain during night as I reported above....no shower during the day either....

    Be aware of the Fluoride going into your body, I'm becoming more aware....hate the stuff...
    A retired dentist in San Diego, Dr. David Kennedy, has filed a lawsuit against SD for fluoridating the city.

    I usually wake up at 3-4AM for bathroom and then back to sleep, often need to take an Inositol and Calms to get back to sleep....but sleep I usually do every night.
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    I'm journaling this for me re: aggrevated pain. Yesterday I took a shower and woke up at 2:30ish in major pain, took a calms and inositol and took some homeopathics for pain. Lots more pain with the shower activity...we'll see tonight how the pain goes....no shower today....jam
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    Well, no shower yesterday and no aggrevated pain last night during my sleep. So I'm getting more CONVINCED about the connection of the fluoride and chlorine with more pain... I wrote a pretty strong message to our council yesterday as I'm so ANGRY with what they've done to our public water...and I was in the "fight" for 3 yrs to attempt to STOP them, but they went ahead anyway....I may pester them from time to time that we the people have not forgotten what they did to us. I may post my letter for you folks to see.
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    Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2014 7:59 PM

    Subject: Pls Deliver COPY to ALL members

    Shame shame shame on you, and you know who you are.....the fraud of fluoridation..

    Each time I take a shower in your stinkin fluoridated water, I end up with aggrevated pain in my body when I try to sleep......

    I deal with Osteoarithritis and Fibromyalgia and a hip replacement MESS so I live in chronic pain and the fluoride makes everything worse.....

    Your decision was so WRONG and HOPE this city pays in the long run for this fraud....
    Watching Dr. David Kennedy's lawsuit in San Diego....

    Why could you have acted like Portland, Albquerque, Santa Fe, Witchita, Honolulu, Fairbanks, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz and 100's of other cities who are rejecting/removing this toxin...

    And we are an environmentally sane city? (Signed my full name)
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    Hey, if you have so much body pain then why don,t you see a nice chiropractor and will be very helpful to you as you said you are dealing with Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia also. For nice chiropractic practitioners check it out.
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    I have been having chiro work for more than 30 yrs....and my last bit of work was about 5 months after hip replacement and I think that little bit of work caused my spiraling mess as my hip surgery was NOT healed enough....I've seen another chiro in the last year for IT band damage from surgery, this is called Active Release Technique (ART), it helped to a degree......I know chiro and body work MOST of my life....now I can't afford to be hurt anymore....so it's Meso, Prolo and acupuncture. For many hears from my 30's I had osteopathic work on my "younger" back/body.....now at almost 76...it needs rest from manipulations.....Massage too NOW does help, but lighter massage as too deep causes flares....thanks and I've been there....jam
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    As always, I am granted permission to POST all this info and get it out to all. Some may wonder why I do this, it's because it's so wrong and does so much damage to our health overall and it's my passion as an activist type as best I can do....Plus, this "work" helps to take the mind off my pain... Lately, I've been bombarding our city council with messages as they are pouring this toxin into our city waters to a tune of close to $120K per year....I went to the water dept here and got the costs......Yes, we citizens are paying to add this poison... it's a travesty....

    International Fluoride Free
    Thank you Dr. Hirzy!

    "Putting the stuff in the drinking water is in essence just a hazardous waste management tool. It has nothing to do with dental health whatsoever." - Dr. Bill Hirzy

    Audio Recording Here
    PowerPoint Slides Here (PC)
    Keynote Slides Here (Mac)
    Related Links Here (Facebook)
    Yesterday, one our our greatest advocates, Dr. Bill Hirzy shared his stories as a leader at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and his efforts to bring truth to light. Download the audio recording and slide presentation today and learn about how politics and commerce collide to keep fluoridation going even after many years of evidence showing it is neither safe nor effective in its purported ability to prevent cavities.

    Fluoridation chemicals are an industrial "product". Learn here about the realities of its manufacture, sale, distribution, and ultimate water treatment of our municipal water supplies.
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    As always I have permission to Post this info:

    Will Texas be the next BIG area of getting rid of this toxin in their waters:

    Fluoridation Poll & Connett Testifies in Dallas
    June 17, 2014

    Costco Fluoridation Article & Poll
    The largest food wholesaler in the world, with a membership of over 70 million, included an article on fluoridation in their monthly magazine that goes out to their members. The June article, entitled “Should Community Drinking Water Be Fluoridated?” features contrasting arguments on the practice from American Dental Association spokesman Howard Pollick, BDS, MPH, and FAN’s Director Paul Connett, PhD.
    On the right hand side of the article is a poll question on fluoridation. The results will appear in the July issue of the publication. Please take a moment to vote NO on water fluoridation.
    Connett Testifies in Dallas
    Dallas, Texas, has recently been in the news as city councilors consider whether or not to renew their contract for fluoride additives, and have been urged to end the practice by a well-organized group of local health professionals and residents. On June 11, FAN’s Director and the co-author of “The Case Against Fluoride,” Dr. Paul Connett testified before the Dallas council. His testimony was captured on video and is one of his best. Campaigners might want to consider sharing it with local decision-makers.
    What Do You Know About Your Fluoride Additives
    This month’s International Fluoride Free Teleconference featured Dr. J. William Hirzy, FAN’s Washington, D.C. Representative and former risk assessment scientist at the
    Environmental Protection Agency and Senior Vice President of the EPA’s Headquarters Union. The focus of the discussion was on the chemicals used to fluoridate public drinking water as well as the EPA’s role in their regulation. You can listen to the audio and view the accompanying powerpoint presentation by clicking the link below:
    Fluoride Researcher and Opponent Passes Away
    Highly regarded chemist, chemical engineer, and fluoride researcher, Myron Coplan sadly passed away at the age of 92 in April. According to his obituary,
    “He retired as a Vice President and General Manager of the Albany International Company's Membrane Development division, but continued his active interest in chemistry, focusing on the effects of various fluoride compounds on human health. With Dr. Roger Masters of Dartmouth College he co-authored numerous papers on the subject that were published in a score of peer-reviewed journals. He was unswervingly opposed to the fluoridation of Natick's water supply, likening it to medicating an unknown number of patients with an unknowable dose of a chemical whose effects on the human nervous system had been poorly studied and which his research had shown implicated it in a frightening variety of harmful effects.”
    News You May Have Missed
    -Fluoride: Good for Teeth, Bad for Brains (Blog- Philippe Grandjean, MD)
    -Fluoridated Water Sinks in Hartford (Vermont)
    -Healdsburg Council Calls For Vote on Fluoride Issue (California)
    -FOX News: Could Your Water Be Unsafe to Drink? (U.S.)
    -Sweet Home Seeks Public to Comment on Fluoride in City Water (Oregon)
    -Newburyport: Residents Seek Fluoride Ban (Massachusetts)
    -Fluoride Concerns Finally Taken Seriously (Mercola.com)
    See more fluoride news from FAN’s news archive.
    Stuart Cooper
    Campaign Director
    Fluoride Action Network
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    I recently wandered onto a site where most are Pro Fluoride and want us non F people to debate them, I'm not going to debate this 60+ yr fraud, I swear these people must be paid by the pro "F" people and there are MANY Many...but the number of anti "F" is growing and growing....a lady just came on to report about this cancer report.

    “In 1977, it was shown that fluoridation caused about 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute and Yiamouyiannis.”
    Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/top-scientist-fluoride-already-shown-to-cause-10000-cancer-deaths/#ixzz36gySFqrN

    Interview with Dr Dean Burk
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    Going on this site has been an Education, more than I ever dreamed of....If I were not a strong woman and knew better about this forced toxin, I could be reduced to a zero with the wacko calling I've gotten with my somewhat limited knowledge, but it's knowledge that I truly believe...

    A woman came on the group a while ago and spewed a mile of information against fluoride and her personal story living in the UK....where "tea" is the main type drink.... Tea contains high levels of fluoride and she says for years she drank 6+ cups per day.....her health was being ruined as was her daughters from all the tea they drank.....

    I was pretty horrifed at the dental condition of the people when I as in England years ago and now I'm putting it together....all the tea drinking...plus the UK is still fluoridating their water....

    She also talked about the allegance that the medical/dental world makes to their "authorities"...they are truly brainwashed in med schools and don't dare stray or they will pay consequences...

    I know this one as an MD I know strayed from the mainstream "box" of treating his patients, and he eventually lost his medical license....

    This is why integrative MD's go the extra miles so they can "treat" patients with supps/vits etc and then a "drug" if really needed....they don't lose their license as they get advanced training for their type of medicine.

    This has been such an eye opening couple days although I knew so much but now know more....stay away from fluoride as best you, don't ingetst it, don't soak in it....don't don't don't....

    Issues from over exposure to "F" are many, from joint misery, arthritis, thyroid dsyfunction, dental fluorsis...and could be the cancer issues too. jam
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    Know too, that the build up of fluoride in our bodies can produce IBS symptoms....
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    Teas and Fluoirde


    Initially I thought I could find a low to no-fluoride tea, so quizzically I called up
    about 8 BIG, well-known tea and herb companies, both conventional and trendy ...
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    Here is a database of fluorinated medications:


    Approximately 20% of pharmaceutical medications are fluorinated, including blockbusters like lipitor.

    With only one fluorine atom per molecule, and given its molecular weight of 558, a 20mg dose would only yield about 0.6mg of fluoride. But take a look at the database of fluorinated meds. It wouldn’t be unheard of to find patients on multiple fluorinated meds totaling close to or exceeding your “safe” limit of 10mg per day just from their meds, nevermind their daily load from water, toothpaste, commercial beverages and produce.

    Ah, Lipitor the statin drug contains fluoride as well,,,,all the muscle/joint damage so many have reported from statins. geeeez

    In the list check out the antiobiotics, sure enough Cipro and Levaquin and so many here have reported all the joint damage from these drugs.