Fluoride?? Question about using it

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  1. BethM

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    My dentist just recommended I use a fluoride mouth rinse, as I have 3 small areas on my teeth that need to be cleaned and covered with amalgam (not silver, thank you!) filling stuff.

    I use a SonicCare toothbrush, a natural toothpaste with tea tree oil in it (by Desert Essence), am faithful about flossing, don't drink soda or eat much sugar, so I guess I can blame this on the extreme stresses I've dealt with this summer. sigh.

    So, what's the scoop on fluoride? I'm not sure I've read anything good about it.

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    first of all amalgam has silver in it and mercury. so if you are trying to stay away from it because of mercury or silver. i suggest you get the tooth colored fillings instead. they usually don't hold up as long as the amalgam fillings

    look up amalgam fillings internet.

    and the cavities, depending of the location, sometimes they are totally unpreventable, becuase of the formation of the little creavice, called fossa's, you can only do the best you can do. they can fix cavities but they can't fix you bone loss.

    sonicare is great and flossing and really you don't need toothpatse, it's more more freshening the breath and you can use just baking soda to remove the stains.

    as for flouride, systemic( swallowing via h20 or flouride tablets) intake is the most beneficail but once your thirteen it doesn't really work anymore, flouride helps build the teeth up fill in the pourous holes in the teeth.

    that is why it is so important as children to get your flouride. and that is why dental insurance doesn't pay for treatments after they turn 13 yrs.

    but you may possibly get some bene out of a topical flouride not much if at all. go look it up on the interenet: i would suggest the american dental association first.

    i have not been working in the dental field for 5 years now so possibly they have found more clinical studies to prove that it helps as adults.

    good luck

    and happy flossing,

  3. Mikie

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    I think it's called Kamgel. It contains several types of fluoride. First, though, do some research on fluoride. A lot of people think it's a dangerous substance.

    I am allergic to it, some forms more than others. I cannot use the fluoride rinses at the dentists nor the eye drops containing fluorescene. I cannot take Cirpro because it is a fluoroquinoline antibiotic. Each exposure brings a worse reaction.

    I would avoid amalgams. The composite material looks better and does not contain the mercury.

    Love, Mikie
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    and the good information. I'll do some research on fluoride before I decide to use it. And I'll mention to the dentist about the tooth colored filling material instead of the mercury laden amalgam.

    Glad the board is up and running again!


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    that is also prescription. You use it on the teeth, making sure not to swallow and you don't rinse it off like with regular paste. You are advised not to drink anything for at least a half hour. I use this because of severe dry mouth that can lead to tooth decay.