Fluoroquinolone antibiotics--FDA

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    I just received this today from the FDA -- I sign up for their "alerts"

    FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA advises restricting fluoroquinolone antibiotic use for certain uncomplicated infections; warns about disabling side effects that can occur together

    The link is here:


    The drug class of "fluoro" include: Avelox, Cipro, Levaquin, Floxin (maybe others, I haven't done a lot of research). I stay away from the fluoro's.



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    Important info Diane. When I took Cipro it gave me terrible peripheral neuropathy! I have had it added to my allergic meds. list so that I won't be RX'd it again. Plus the other fluoroq's.

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    Thanks, Barry for your reply. I've told all my docs NO fluoro's.

    There's been info about other ABX too, like taking a Z-pak. "may be linked to heart attacks"


    I think that's why I try to heal with some herbals. (I do a lot of research on herbs too.) I feel better (mentally) and eventually physically, with the herbs and supps.

    Take care, Diane

    PS: Barry, if you want to copy my post(s) or link(s), and post elsewhere, you have my permission to do so! I say "pass it on". Anyone else, too.
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    Hi, longtime member, read a lot just don't post that much...

    I have had to take Cipro on several occasions for diverticulitis w no problems however, in December I contracted pneumonia and was Rx'ed Levaqiun . After just two pills I went into the worst flare w hip and shoulder pain. They only thing that helped it was to receive steroid injections to each joint which, Thank God, finally gave me relief

    I will never take Levaquin again. Odd, same class of drug different reaction..
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    Thanks, Diane,

    Very important information. Eight percent of the population is allergic to, at least, one form of fluoride. Most don't know it. If anyone has felt sick after a fluoride rinse after having a teeth cleaning or after an eye exam, he or she may be allergic. Eye docs may use fluorescene in exams. It makes me sick all day. My eye doc uses a different drop. I never get the fluoride rinse at the dentist.

    Cipro made my breathing so labored that I was ready to go to the ER. Another dose and I might have really been in pulmonary distress. All my charts have allergy warnings against fluoroquinolones. Still, one doc at a walk-in clinic prescribed it for bronchitis. The pharmacist caught it. I called to have something else prescribed and the nurse was as flummoxed as I. The warning was front and center where the doc must have seen it. He was a really nasty man and I have to wonder how much of a 'mistake' it was.

    Cipro was originally developed to fight anthrax and never intended to be prescribed for run-of-the-mill infections. The pharma drug pushers and the docs seem to think they need to use a sledge hammer to kill a fly. Good grief!!! By using these heavy-hitter drugs willy nilly, it helps bacteria to become resistant.

    Again, thanks for being so generous to share this info with us.

    Love, Mikie