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    Hi, Haven't been on this site for along time but I wanted to address the flushing. I have had this for 7 years since i became sick. My physicians tell me , one it's rosacea, then another liver toxins, then another heavy metal poisoning, another post menopausal hormones etc...
    What i found after trying to explain to everyone im not sunburned badly is "Bare Essential's mineral makeup. It sells on qvc or hsn im not sure. It lasts forever and is good for your skin and covers the red. Good luck kat
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    If I used it, my sweat would wash it right off! (-: My redness doesn't last; it's only when I'm sweating like a pig.

    I hope someone who needs this will see it. It's great you have found a solution and are sharing this. Many have a redness they want to cover. This is great news. I just wish I could wear makeup...but if I put it or lotion on my face, I start sweating. A read drag!

    Thanks again.
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    I flush quite a bit, but 24/7 on my neck. I have mentioned this to all 15 of my doctors. Most just say some people are that way and a couple have said that my body is not regulating properly. I am not sure they will ever find the problem or solution to this.

    This is a big problem as to the type of shirts I wear. Too low cut and my chest and face are white with a red neck between.

    Being from south Texas I tell anyone who asks that I am a true Redneck and laugh.

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    I think some of these mineral brands do primers which cut down on the oil production in your skin to make the powder adhere to your face better...run a search! Anyhow, these mineral powders are waterproof or water-resistant at the very least so it takes a lot of sweating to remove them. Plus, if you use a really light hand and it does start to come of you can put on a little more. I have dry skin but have heard that they absorb oil great.

    If you can tolerate some chemicals and talc, there are two powders that really do a good job of covering: one is Cornsilk powder (only prob is shades are limited) which contains walnut extract...supposedly excellent at absorbing oil; the other is T LeClerc, a french brand which is also very good at providing coverage whilst it absorbs excess oil. This brand does a shade called 'Banane' (Banana) which looks oh so scary in the tin but tones down redness a treat!! LeClerc is celebrated on the modelling scene cos they do many shades from pink to lilac to white which work with different skin tones to enhance skin whilst keeping the look natural - the glow, I think people call it!

    Anyway, there's something for you to explore! HTH, God bless, Love Shelbo :)