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  1. DixieDe

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    I know this sounds strange but has anyone ever had a fluttering feeling in their ears? Like there is a bird in there flaping their wings. If anyone else but the kind people on this board were to read this, they would really say I'm crazy. And this is driving me crazy! I've wondered if it's just a muscle twitching like I have from time to time all over my body. I've had many strange symptoms with fibro but this is a new one. My hearing is fine. Thanks.
  2. jaded_lady

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    these darn muscle spasms seem to happen anyhwere!!!

    I had no Idea what IBS was until I got it as a Dr. said "to go along with the other symptoms".

    hmmm, that is all one needs to be disabled!!!
  3. Missizzy

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    Ever since the onset of my illness, I've had the strangest ear "things". First, I lost 40% of my hearing in one loud swoosh, then I had the most awful fullness in that ear for two weeks.

    The ataxia and balance issues set in followed by fatigue and tremors. Doctors did every test under the sun--thinking vestibular stuff, Meniere's, or MS. I've since lost the fullness sensation but have recurrent tinnitus and shooting lightning pains in both ears. They only last a half a second but hurt like heck.
    I also have the fluttering, tickling, clicking, and so on. The doctors have never figured out what it is.

    I also frequently dig, scratch and pull at my ears. I told the doctor, only half kidding, that if he'd just remove my ears for a minute, we might be able to see what was wrong with me. He refused to comply--bummer--something about malpractice. My husband says that I bother my ears all night long so something must be going on as I never had an ear problem before this DD.

    You are not alone. If you figure out what it is please, please let me know. And please stop short of carrying out my fantasy of using a chopstick or pencil to scratch whatever is driving me nuts!! Promise me that.

  4. poets

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    I always thought that the fluttering in my ears was my eardrum spasming. I've had that on and off ever since I was a child. I never really thought much about it, but it can really be annoying. Putting a bit of cotton in my ear helps sometimes. It doesn't seem to affect my hearing.
  5. petcat

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    Yes, I have a strange symptom with my ear. It feels like someone is thumping on my eardrum. My neuro said she had never heard of this, but she also said alot of other things that caused me to fire her!
  6. touchmenot

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    It sounds if I had something similiar to what you are experiencing. My ENT said it was a muscle spasm in my ear. He placed me on a muscle relaxer and it finally went away. I am sorry I do not remember the name of the medication.
  7. DixieDe

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    I'm just back on the board after being off for a while. Thank you for all your responses. They all were helpful. I love this board.
  8. Kathleen12

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    I had this happen a couple of months ago and had my dr check it. She told me that mine was caused by fluid build up behind my eardrum. She could see the dullness and fullness of the eardrum compared to the other ear which was normal. She said that mine could be caused by allergies and gave me antihystamine and flonase which cleared it right up. so now when it happens again, I take the meds and all is ok.
  9. mjwarchol

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    I have had a similar problem. It comes and goes, but I told my doc it felt like there was something in my ear, and if I didn't know better would have thought it was a bug. No ear pain.

    I never found an answer for it and it's off and on.

    M J
  10. konatom

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    I had a similar problem. Whenever I burped or hiccuped, it would set off the flutter and it would continue from about 5 seconds to 30 seconds. It didn't hurt but it was driving me nuts. My physician said the inside of my ear was clean and no wax buildup. I kept researching the internet and found one site that claimed it was the result of tight muscles(sternocleidomastoid) in the neck. My daughter is a massage therapist and she agreed that it could have a major impact on the ear as tight muscles will cause all sorts of problems. I picked up a book called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. In the book it specifically talks about the same symptoms and describes how to massage the trigger points to "release" the tight muscle. I tried it and it was amazing. It's been two days and not one instance of fluttering. Hope this helps. I know what you're going through.
  11. IanH

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    The most common cause of these problems in FM is vascular inflammation around the inner ear. This can be compounded by muscular stiffness which is system wide in FM. Usually the tinnitus, when present is pulsative because the blood flow is partly blocked. This is the same reason why some of the Fm pain is felt around the body. The relationship between vascular tension and neural tension is very close. As you will also know that people with FM (and ME/CFS) have impaired brain blood flow. Its just that in your ears you detect the changes in muscle tension/stiffness/spasm by hearing it. It is going on all around your body.

    sometimes you can influence the muscle tension through massage or accupressure via the subcranial muscles behind the ears. One test you can do to see if these muscles are involved is to thrust your lower jaw forward as far as you can. If the tinnitus increases then the cause is mostly neuro-muscular tension. Most accomplished meditators can reduce it during meditation. Muscle relaxants can also reduce it a bit. However FM symptoms are notoriously resistant to drug therapy.
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  12. Saoirse3

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    I told my doctor the very same thing. I felt like I had a caterpillar in my ear and it was driving me nuts! Of course, I am the crazy one, nothing is wrong, do I know my name and where I live. Well, sure! I'm Butterfly McQueen and I'm revising my role in Gone With the Wind.
  13. IanH

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    You could try flaxseed oil.
  14. Emdayh

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    I am 41 and have had this on and off since I was 16 and just this week read that it can be due to inflammation of the paratoid salivary gland, which totally makes sense because I have had issues with my salivary glands not producing saliva as they should!
  15. Mswolfman

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    Thank you; My problem just started a few days ago, I tried earwax treatment, warm water and still there. I am always in alot of pain in my lower back from an injury in 2007, it is fluttering as I am typing. I dohave problems with the tendens in both my arms from the thumbs to elbows MAYBE I will see my doctor next wk and find out> I will repost if I find an answer again Thank You
  16. petersluken

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    I know this is an old post, but this is by far the most insightful thing I've read on what I'm experiencing! IanH, could you refer me to any books or online material to help better understand the relationship between tinnitus, vascular inflammation, and impaired blood flow in FM?