Fluttering, rolling eyes - Seizures?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Greenbean7, May 26, 2006.

  1. Greenbean7

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    Hi all!

    First off I have FM and epilepsy, mild form, just petit mal and absence seizures which have been under control with Lamictal.

    For the last month or so I have been having an eye problem. My eye lids will suddenly flutter really hard and my eyes roll up. It takes about 10 seconds of squeezing them shut to make them stop.

    I haven't noticed any rhyme or reason to it, it just happens out of the blue. When it does I can't see and close my eyes because they start to water. It doesn't really hurt, just very uncomfortable.

    Do you think it could be another form of seizures?

    Thanks all!
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  2. Greenbean7

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  3. scrappnmom

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    I also have Fibro and Epilepsy. I usually have Partial Complex seizures but have had Grand Mal too! What you are describing sounds just like my partial seizures, except I don't know I'm doing it. During my seizures (before they were under control) I lost awareness of what was happening. I also can't do anything to try to make the seizure end. Do you jerk or feel an electrical feeling in your head when it happens? When mine start I always jerk (my head and arm/s) and I also will have this electrical feeling that feels like someone just flipped the switch off in my brain! You need to see your Neurologist ASAP. Your threhhold for having a seizure may have lowered for some reason (maybe a new medicine or supplement added?) and you may be having seizures. I definately would NOT drive until you have seen your doctor and he OKs it! Keep us posted on what you find out!

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    That does sound like a seizure. I read some of the personal stories at epilepsy.com and I was surprised to learn that there are smaller seizures that sound like what you described. I hope your doctor can help.
    (( )) Shannon
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    I think my neuro will probably want to increase my Lamictal.

    I don't know when I am having an absence seizure. I just suddenly realize that who every I'm talking to is just looking at me or I have lost track of the conversation. If I'm at my computer I will suddenly notice that my hands have been laying on the keyboard and I have all kinds of letters running across the screen!

    The other seizures I have are having a darkness close in around my vision, then can't breath or swallow (I don't think I spelled that right!). I don't know how long they last because once it starts I don't know what's happening. I have just enough awareness to know it's coming.

    When the neuro did an EEG he said I was having almost constant little seizures that showed up on the test. Then when I told him about the other things I experienced he said those were seizures too. I have had them all my adult life, just didn't know what they were!

    I will contact my neuro but the chances of seeing him before my appointment in September are pretty slim. I have a regular doc appointment next week and will ask him about it, he may be able to get me an appointment with my neuro.

    Thanks to all!

    Don't know what I would do without this board!!


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