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  1. richcarson

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    Has anybody experienced any CFS or FM symptom improvement on the statin drug, fluvastatin? It is sold under the brand name Lescol.
  2. ilovecats94

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    I was told it was a weak version of Mevacor. I've been on all the others and the only one I can tolerate is Lipitor 80 mg. and without it my cholesterol is 378 and with it I'm 289. Not good and have tried everything else except fish oil.

    I don't believe Lescol is on my insurance list.

    Take care, Rich. :)

    Have had FMS for 11 years... My profile is up with a photo...
  3. mimosa1949

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    I've been taking Lescol XL (80mg) for a year and have not noticed any change in FM or CFS. Some of the other statins caused serious muscle pain.
  4. Pianowoman

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