FLYING How is it for people with our DD

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suzetal, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I'm so happy going to visit my children.

    Just wanted to see how flying affected us with FM.Is there anything I can do to make the flight more comfortable?

    Thank You
  2. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    is get someone to drive me. I don't fly well at all - what with all of the pressures involved.

  3. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    and boy could you tell it was my first. I was way not prepared! I went alone with my almost 2year old at the time son and come to find out had gotten seats on those REALLY small ?commuter was AWFUL! The seats were so small and cramped and to top it all off to save money I didn't get him a seat so he was in my lap. Trying to get comfy was a nightmare and keeping up with him in the terminal during our lay overs was a holy terror. needless to say IF and that is a big if I ever fly again I will make sure I am not on the small plane and I will most definalty leave him home (which hubby begged me to do) or someone will have to go with me.

    well that is my horror story...hope yours turns out better. I would say drive but riding for me is just as bad so...don't know the answer

    good luck!!
  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Thank you all.It will be a 2hr and 22min flight .I used to love flying always did it alone for work.So fear is not a problem its comfort.

    Water never thought of that.I will have all my meds with me.Will be gone from DEC. 9th to the 19th.Have to see my grandbabys before my back surgery.

    I was worried about the cabin pressure .Hope it makes me feel better that would be nice.

    Thanks again

  5. redsox10

    redsox10 New Member

    We just got back from vacation. I had oxygen water for the flight there. No problem flying for my daughter. The way back we did not have any and she did not tolerate the flight well. I am not sure if it was the O2 water that helped or she was crashed from vacation. I would try it. We bought ours in a health food store.
  6. pinkstar

    pinkstar New Member

    ok the last time i have flown a short flight, its always in a tiny tiny braejer or something... my suggestion is to stop eating NOW!!! lol i am 5'7" and roughly 220lbs so im pretty thick and boy did i have a time getting into that seat.. i would suggest you get a window seat that doesnt have a companion seat... usually there is a row of one and then a row of two next to it... and try ur best to get a seat as close to the pilot as possible.. the isles are very very tiny and its hard to get into the plane.. also the flight attendants will be able to help you quicker if you are up front by then... there are handicapped seats up front and i truly suggest trying to get those... i didnt know why i didnt since i have the paperwork... but i am only 20 and i didnt want things to look weird.. but now i know to screw what ppl think i was in SO much pain after!!! there are usually people who can drive you and your luggage to your gate and to the baggage claims... so a short flight wont be too orrible... just dont be afraid to ask for help... :] enjoy!
  7. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I flew for the first time this summer (but I was lucky to be on larger planes) and found that I was okay. I would suggest maybe using those heating patches if you get back pain, etc. and to make sure you have layers of clothes so that you can adjust appropriately. I was freezing!! Otherwise I was fine and just rested nicely for the flights.

    My only suggestion would be to try to schedule your layovers so that you are stuck somewhere for hours. My trip was well planned so that I had about 45 -60 minutes between flights and it was perfect.
  8. urge2soar

    urge2soar New Member

    a product called Air-planes. They are used in the ear for cabin pressure. They are about $10-$12 for one pair, but you can use them about 4 trips.

    They were a life-saver for me, but we are all very different. I agree that drinking LOTS of water is also a key component.

    Keep any/all meds with you. Bring a mooshi pillow and have fun!

  9. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    One more Q. I will be seated in front .Is there a rest room near by.I have EBSD and need to go alot.I want it near by.Some times it comes on real fast.

    Great info.

    Thanks Again
  10. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    your all wonderful.

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

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