Flying Part 2

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    Thank you all for your suggestions.
    We just returned from our much needed vacation!!!!

    We flew on Southwest airlines, and they made it very easy for me. I started using a cane not too long ago, and was able to board the plane before regular boarding. I was able to get a front row seat for both flights: This allowed me to stretch out and get up often.
    I did not know when we booked the tickets there seating is first come and you do not have assigned seating, but since we boared early this was not a problem. If anyone needs to fly I highly recommed southwest airlines, and then ask for early boarding for medical needs when you get to the gate.

    Of course I over did it on the trip and am paying for it now. My doc increased my pain meds for the month to help with the activity which is helping a little, but I am exhausted. My legs are killing me, I am tired and very dizzy. Yesterday was unpacking day, and today I am forcing myself to stay on the couch. All in all, it was a great trip. My husband "needed" it and with all my medical issues it was finally time to relax and try to live a normal life for a week.

    Coming home to the rain and humidity of NJ.... Not sure is dry desert weather was any better for FM, I was still in pain. I did notice my breathing was better, and joints may have been a little better, but with all the walking and activies it is hard to say.

    Hope everyone has had a good week. Thanks for listening.

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