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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marmayer, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. marmayer

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    I will be flying soon and like most of us I fill an organized pill container with all my rx`s and supplements for the entire trip. Is there ever any problem with these pills not labeled or in their original container?

    I know that the liquid / cream ones have to have a prescription label on them for me to carry on.

    I`ve always carried my supplements/rx on this way but I`m uneasy now with all the searching. You know I couldn`t do without my pills!!!

    Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  2. ksp56

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    My husband flew to Germany, last week. He looked at the airlines site and there was a list of what can be taken on board and what has to be checked. It was simple to do.

    I know they don't have a problem with prescriptions that are in the pharmacy bottles.

    Others have flown, recently. I hope they can help you!


    Have a good flight!
  3. caffey

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    I could be wrong but I think that they have to be in their original containers and it wouldn't hurt to have printout from the pharmacy of a list of meds. If you are taking injectable s like insulin I would probably take a new sealed bottle just to be safe. Please correct me if I am wrong. I got stopped in India 4 years ago when I put an amoxil ( antibiotic) in my pocket. They almost didn't let me through.
  4. ladybird1

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    I will be flying soon as well. My prescription plan because as a fibro-er I am classifeid as chronically have to order my scripts in 90 day supply. I am going carry only enough pills in original bottles for the days I will be away. The bulk I will leave at home in labelled baggies. I am also asthmatic. Read on the do and don'ts lists that asthma inhaler are banned for carry on (will put in checked baggage). HOpe I don't get that "I'm about to choke" feeling I get from being "contained" in an aircraft. I also have to use a nebulizer with inhaled steriods. But due to bulk of the nebulizer and the fact that the steroids are in liquid vials,
    I am going to trust in God and leave those items behind.

    I think the list of what you can and cannot carry changes every week.
  5. Slayadragon

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    I've never read anything except on this board that has said that pills/capsules (rather than liquids or creams) must be in labeled containers (or even that it's better if they're in labeled containers) for domestic flights.

    For international flights, you will want to take all the labeled containers with you. The security on the way there isn't any more likely to stop you than with a domestic flight, I don't think. But when you get to your destination, they might stop you and confiscate the drugs (which could be disastrous for some people) if they're not labeled with your name by the pharmacy. This is less likely to be a problem in some countries (I'd guess the Netherlands as an example) than others (Great Britain is really strict about everything these days), but better safe than sorry if you really need a med.

    I've flown on several trips since the new restrictions with a whole bunch of medicine (some in labeled bottles, some in unlabeled bottles, some loose in baggies....all stuffed in clear gallon-sized food bags) in my carry-on. Twice I had someone ask to look through the bag. They spent about 30 seconds carefully eyeing the gallon-sized bags without opening them or asking me any questions. Obviously they only cared about whether I was carrying liquids, not what was in the pills.

    This was all on United, though. Other airlines could be different.

    I'm glad I came up with the gallon-sized bag idea, since it would have taken a lot longer if all the different meds were separate in my bag (or in an opaque bag). No one (passengers or staff) wants to waste time at the screening area, and even slightly annoyed screeners may focus more negative attention on you, I suspect.

  6. twix

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    Just returned from Alaska.All meds.are to be in prescription Bottles with YOUR name on them.

  7. twix

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    And by the way,they DID let my grandson take his inhaler with him.
  8. twix

    twix New Member

  9. Kay31

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    I am flying soon and have enuf meds to fill a pharmacy aisle. The bottles are big cause I get a three-month supply.

    American Airlines referred me to a Security telephone number; they said that if my doctor wrote down my prescriptions on a sheet with his name on it, they would probably accept my 7-day containers.

    I'm nervous enuf about the trip; don't need the angst about the pills we all seem to take.

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