Flying the "friendly skies" alone. Eeeks

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by zenouchy, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for reading my post. Have any of you all flown lately? I'm not too excited about it! I'm gearing up for a plane trip in about ten days to see my parents and am going by myself since my hubby has to work. The thought of going myself has me a little uneasy, not to mention the packing. I guess I could use a little encouragement! It's a lot easier when my husband is with me to help with my carry-on items that I need. (We're going on a trip in August together; it will be so much easier!)

    Also, I'm pre-boarding to help with the fibro. The bulk-head seating is really helpful, so I can stretch my muscles. Of course since I look healthier than most "healthy" people, I also get some head-turns. Yuck. I'm excited to see my folks but not too thrilled about traveling. Thanks for listening. Hope you are all having a happy/healthy day.

    Love, Erika
  2. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I don't know which airport you are flying into, but I suggest you check into having a wheel chair waiting for you when you get off the plane. Let them wheel you to the baggage pick-up.

    If you do not have a direct flight and have to change planes, it is even more important.

    The airlines are excellent at helping you with wheelchair assistance. When my husband and I travel, every 6 months for business - I have a wheelchair for him.

    Believe me, no one cares and other people don't pay any attention. You will be happy and feel better.

    Secondly, take some good snacks on the plane with you. They are so cheap now you are lucky to get peanuts.

    If you feel odd when getting off to the wheelchair, just limp a little.
  3. findmind

    findmind New Member

    LOL, it will be fine! Honest..I am flying 800 miles only, and the airlines will meet me at the front door of the terminal with a wheelchair. I told them I can walk the distances needed, but if I have to stand in line, I will faint.

    She laughed and said we can't have that...a chair will be available for you, with an assistant to get you from one flight to another.

    I am sure going to check my bag and carry only one with a book, lunch, one day's supply of meds (in case my luggage doesn't make it there with me), and put my purse in it also.

    Enjoy it...watching the people, the planes and the neat specialty shops are lots of fun...where I always spend too much money, LOL!

    have a great trip
    sleep when get home
    enjoy family

    That's an order...

    Hugs galore,
  4. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    Interestingly, I prefer to fly alone. My last job I flew frequently for business (East to West coast of US) and each year fly alone to visit my mother in FL. I don't know why I prefer to fly alone - maybe in case something happens I'll be alone with my embarassment?

    I can't stand in lines (my feet go numb and I feel like I'll fall over or faint) so to minimize this I print my boarding pass the night before and try to use outside check-in where possible. Also booking on lesser airlines or airlines with their own terminal buildings helps too.

    Boarding order does not matter as you can sit til you have to board. Plus it's usually cooler in the airport than on the plane. I bring a carryon that will also fit my purse and jacket so I'm only carrying one thing usually. Here's a list I use and have a great trip!!!

    1. Use a wheelchair

    2. Get aisle seat close to emergency exit by area separating 1st class from rest of plane (bulkhead) - that way you can get up and go stand freely without getting in anyone's way

    3. Pre-print boarding pass to eliminate one of the lines

    4. Buy portable chair mentioned on previous thread to use in line

    5. Bring change of clothes in carryon and change to lighter clothes either in flight or in destination bathroom (reverse for return flight)

    6. Get direct flight (though sometimes changing flights is good, allowing you to stretch and travel in stages)

    7. Buy water in airport to take on plane

    8. Travel on lesser airline where possible (shorter lines)

    9. Wear tank top/light shirt (I live near Boston and even when it's 20 below out, I wear this to travel in - I simply wear a shirt and jacket over it, then stuff them in my carryon) if you get hot easily

    10. Wear slip on shoes that are easily removed for airport security

    11. Bring Ipod for use while waiting in lines - it helps with overwhelming noises bombarding you

    12. Confirm everything (flight, hotel, car...)

    13. Check dates on prescription meds - if they expire during the trip ask doctor or pharmacy for early refill

    14. Bring wearable heat pads - stick one on a trouble spot just before the flight boards

    15. Under pack carryon so you can stuff pocketbook, jacket, shirt, hat, etc. in it (so you are only carrying one item)

    16. Put carryon under seat rather than in overhead

    17. Travel during non-peak times (varies by destination)
  5. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    You all are so nice to respond and be so encouraging. I'm flying Southwest Airlines (it's so much cheaper than the other airlines). They are the one airline in which they want people to stand and stand while you wait to board. I think it drives a lot of people crazy. That's why I'm pre-boarding---much easier and I can sit in bulkhead and have room to stretch my long legs. I've got my packing and stuff pretty fine-tuned, but I just don't like it because there's SO MANY ENDLESS DETAILS! :) At least it feels that way b/c of the stuff I need.

    I guess I'm kind of "in the middle" when it comes to moving around. I can't stand and stand endlessly, but if I sit too much, that will cause a lot of pain too, so a wheelchair won't work either. I exercise every day and need to in order to prevent pain, but I can't overdo it either. Southwest Airlines really makes people stand and stand with their boarding process, but with the pre-boarding, I won't have to worry about it.

    I've had people stare at me before during when I sat in the preboarding area as much older people stood in the regular boarding area while I (in my 30s) hung out in the pre-boarding area looking young and healthy, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. If they do that, they have nothing better to do and nothing else going on in their lives right? Thanks so much everyone for your great ideas and encouragement!

    Have a happy/healthy day.

    Love, Erika
  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I hate to fly! I admire you for going alone and just try and relax.

  7. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I wear comfy clothes nothing tight. I check in at the sky cap. I get my boarding pass from them.

    I only take the necesities in my purse.

    I board the plane, and take a Xanax, nighty night for the

    Hope your trip is safe.

  8. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Annie and Bevy for your warm words of encouragement. This post helps remind me that not everyone likes flying. I won't be the only one on the plane not having a ball. Thank you very much for posting and your kind messages.

    Love, Erika

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