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  1. Jittle

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    I am taking my first trip in 3 years and this is the first trip since being diagnosed: The trip envolves a plane ride of 6+ hours. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems or can give me any advice.
  2. Aberlaine

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    I fly from upstate New York to Arkansas twice a year to see my grandkids. I have to change planes twice which causes stress. When I make my reservations, I try to leave enough time in between planes so I don't have to run through the airport.

    The stress of flying always puts me into a flare even though I know I'll enjoy myself once I get there. My daughter is aware that I'll need to take long naps during the first few days of my visit. We also try to walk each day.

    Sitting for 6 hours in a plane can lead to stiffness. If possible, try to get up and stretch. Go to the lavatory. Ask the stewardess for water whenever they serve drinks. Or bring a large bottle of water with you (purchased after you've checked in). Try to sleep on the plane. If you have a lumbar pillow, take it with you. I carry one whereever I go. Then I can use it behind my back or as a pillow for my head.

    Good luck and have fun. Just take it slow and easy.
  3. tig519

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    Key tips:
    Either check on bags that have liquids or be prepared to make sure you have your liquids in 3oz or smaller "brand" bottles and those in a Quart ziploc bag. For longer trips I just check the bag.
    I try to minimize what I take through security.

    If you have a computer, you must put it separately in the bin through security than your bag.

    Take a small back pack with key meds, bottle of water and snack food. Although you get small things on the plane, it's better to have your own for when you want.
    Also get a neck pillow. I like the one that's made of small beeds inside. Very squishy and can be used for your neck, your lower back or just a pillow.

    Try to get the aisle seat. This will allow you to more readily get up to stretch your legs. You want to do once an hour. If you can't, pointing your toes and doing circles with your feet help as well.

    If you are able, reserve your car as "preferred" (Avis) or "gold" Hertz. This service allows the car to be on a board and you just go to it's spot and off you go (while showing your license on the way out). Instead of the long lines.

    If your airline has the "premium" seats, I'd pay the extra- not only do you get priority security, you're closer to the front of the plane with typically more room.

    If you have an iPod, I would bring it with you. If you have an iPad, even better! Just get some earphones and you're all set to go.

    After all that, take your ipad and read a good book!
  4. Jittle

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    Thank you for all suggestions.
    Sorry it took me a few days to respond: My dentist appointment and the weather did a number on me this week.

    I am looking forward to the trip, and am preparing early so I can actually try to enjoy myself!
  5. hannahfaid

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    I fly to chicago (from phoenix) every year for my birthday, to celebrate with friends and family.

    its just over 3 hours.. I take a little bite off my ambien.. try to sleep a little bit.. then I feel so

    bad.. If Im awake, the muscles start tightening up from sitting straight up and not being able

    to move around..

    I was suppose to fly to upstate NY this summer to visit a friend... Found out the whole trip

    was going to be around 10-12 hours...NO WAY.. theres no possible way.. 2 layovers.. I will

    never make it.. I nearly had a panic attack thinking about it..seriously.. if had been that long

    of a flight , non-stop, I think I could do it.. but not getting on and off planes and walking and

    waiting.. theres no way.. havent told my friend yet.. Im sad that I am missing out on a

    wonderful time because there is no non stop flight, at all, that goes there.. Illl never be able to

    visit.. thank you FM

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