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    In the stay at home mom thread, someone suggested using FlyLady to help get organized.

    I just joined and already the info is great. It really starts you off slowly. One thing at a time. One day at a time.

    I highly recommend checking this out to anyone who needs help with time management or organization. It is FREE and easy to join.

    You do get lots of emails at first, but instead of being overwhelming, it is comforting to know that i can finally take some control over the chaos that is "normal"
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    If you only take a tidbit of her tips/inspiration, you will gain so much. She really shows you how to make cleaning your home, not quite so bad. TO whatever degree you take it to(or are able to), I recommend at least looking at the flylady site. It's a dot net. I have a copy of 'Crisis Cleaning' handy for holidays etc when unexpected things come up. Or I have a kids bday party with family coming over, except I had not the energy to even clear some surfaces or the LIVING ROOM FLOOR!

    quite a bit of humor here also

    you can sign up for email reminders/inspiring stories if you want. I have all my emails come in one digest, so if I have time I can scroll thru it, instead of having 20 reminders. I'm sure that works for some people.

    It's free if you were wondering, they do have a flyshop, if you want to buy some crazy ostrich feather duster or something. My mother wanted one for Christmas. Got it for her and she loves it. But I don't have money for stuff like that, dollar store is as close as I get.

    I do think FlyLady would be of help to many with cf/fm.

  3. nev

    nev New Member

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