FM 2 Topics Milnapricin and new drug sttudy starting in Sept

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    Hi everyone.

    Just got back from my next to last visit with my study Dr. I will only receive medication thru July.

    Because of my drastic improvement on Milnapricin they are going to the drug company to try and recieve a compationate dose until approval of the drug by the FDA.

    I was almost in a wheel chair when I started this drug study. Now I am working full time and seldom have a bad day.

    The new drug is supposed to even better than this one. It is called progablin. The study starts every one out on the full strength drug. Then after 6 weeks the blind test starts. Either full drug or placebo. This drug is supposed to get rid of the insommnia, depression and pain.


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    Board moves to fast
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    I thought you had been extended to September?????

    Are you possibly going to get the new drug, Progablin? Or is that what Milnacipran is going to be called when it gets FDA approval?

    Did your doctor have any thoughts about when he though Milnacipran will be approved?

    If you get the compassionate approval, does that mean you'll get Milnacipran or Progablin?

    Is that enough questions for you? ;-) Sorry, but as you can tell, I'm very anxious about all this.


    Just thought of another question. Can people who have been involved with the Milnacipran Study take part in the new drug study?[This Message was Edited on 05/24/2005]
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    Toga and anyone else.

    I thought that I had 2 more visits. Only have one.

    Progablin is not milnapricin. It is a new drug. Also approved in Europe.

    I won't be taking part in that study since I live 1 1/2 hours away. It involves seeing the Dr every week for 6 weeks. Then They either give you the placebo or the real drug. All participant receive the full strength drug for 6 weeks.

    You have to completely withdraw from all drugs for a month. This drug is supposed to better than milnapricin because you don't have to take a sleep aid.

    I just pray that I get the compassionate doseage from the drug company. I don't know what I will do in July. Cry?? Hurt??? I don't know anything else that works.


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    Dang It!

    I hope you get that extension too. I know you have it so much worse then I do and I'm depressed about giving it up in September.

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  7. schaken

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    We both need that extension. I thought I might go on cymbalta but from all I've read here I don't think it works very well
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    Any news on when this might be approved???

    So glad it has worked for you....I am ready to try something new.

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    I hope this doesn't show up twice I had an error the first time I tried. Is that the proper spelling of Milnapricin? I googled it with no results. It is so exciting that you are better. Do you know how the drug works? Does it work on brain chemicals or what? Sorry for all the questions but it would be God send if it worked. Also knowing how it works could give us a better understanding of the causes of FM. Thanks
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    Please keep us informed of all of this as would love to hear
  11. schaken

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    Hi all,
    I'll try and remember everyones questions. Milnapricin is a study drug. You won't find out anything about it on the web. Approval is supposed to be early next year.

    I found out by mistake that it contains effexor. It also contains either a muscle relaxor or pain killer. It does NOT help me sleep better.

    The company testing the drug in my area is CTT Reesearch. They start testing this other drug in September.

    I would search under NIAMS to find a drug study in your area.

    Hope I answered everyone's questions.

  12. lwerth

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    Did you get a compassionate prescription? My doctor wrote prescription because I did so well. What about progablin? Does it work?
  13. idiotsinc

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    The correct spelling is milnacipran