fm 4 life?

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  1. shelly11

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    My psych. told me I won't necessarily have fm for life. Is this true? I go to her for anxiety and depr. but she made that comment & I thought you never got rid of it. Also, do any of u go to phys. ther. My ther. thinks he can cure me of my pain for fm, and oa. They make me feel stupid when i tell them the ot did'nt help any. any suggestions?
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    who believe that it is a mental disorder instead of physical. You can have periods of remission, I haven't had one yet although I had a few years where it got a little better, now its bad again. You will deal with this for the rest of your life if is is FM. There is no cure. It is documented. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


  3. homesheba

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    i went thru years of doctors telling me i was 'nuts'.(-so to speak.)
    that it is 'come out',
    you think they ever once said they was wrong to me??
    i sure wish there was a cure.
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    Sorry that you have a Dr. that doesn't understand this disorder. Like many of us, you will find that you have to change Dr.s alot until you find one who is educated enough to treat you. I don't go to physical therapy for my fm or for oa. P
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    My GP actually said to me last week as I was sobbing and in so much pain "we'll burn this out of you yet". He know FM is not something that's all in my head, and I just said "Al, how could you say something like that to me"? ...jeezus. I know that it's true you can have short periods of remission. I've had maybe two weeks at best where I did feel really good and then wham. But those two weeks felt like a year. It can be managed, but it doesn't "go away". A doctor that would tell you that does not understand the disorder at all.
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    I had a supervisor today tell me, "You just have to tough it out." I am glad he is not my Dr or I would have to be changing docs. I have not had any physical therapy, nor had it suggested. My doc did say something about theraputic massage. Today I am having a bad pain day and it was all I could do not to say something about toughing it out. It is hurting just to type. I am working, but much slower than is normal. I realize, after being on this board, that FM is like life, bad times and good times. I am just waiting for the good times to come back around. Do NOT let anyone make you feel stupid about OT not helping. What helps one person, won't necessarily help the next person.
    Stay strong in your decisions and don't let anyone make you feel dumb!
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    Thank you to everyone who commented. I really appreciate it. I'm glad for your support.
  8. FadedChina

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    ....I don't know why you can't just pull yourself together!! It's not like you have cancer!!!!

    Sometimes, you KNOW i wish I did as at least then I'd know there would be an end to the misery and pain!!

    My mom DOES have cancer and quite a few other illnesses, and yet it's weird when she'll ask ME how I can handle the pain!!

    It's alife sentence for something we didn't even do WRONG!!

    Welcome to the lifers club!!

  9. bellydonna

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    I agree with all of you;anyone who says "tough it out" or "you're crazy" is just not hip to the truth.

    This is a real disease.
    Since this is a real disease, I have hope that there will be a cure in my lifetime.
    I've been coping for 20+ years- since at least high school but probably earlier.
    My mom called it "growing pains" when I was little(1970s) and until approx 1996 noone understood or believed me.

    SInce then, FMS/CFS has been named, identified, gained due credibility, there is research and many means to try to address it.

    Lots of diseases that couldn't be cured in the past are curable, now.
    I'm looking forward to telling kids "When "I" was your age- people didn't think there even WAS a thing called fibromyalgia and now it has been eradicated." !

    (or at least able to be 90% controlled so it doesn't wreck lives. I could accept that.) : )

    Believe me, I understand. This thing has severely debilitated me and limited my life. But, I'm hopeful. (At least for the moment.)