Fm..a life sentence of pain

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  1. achyinarkansas

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    When you ache all over,
    the hurt, the pain, consumers ur morning,
    your evening, your night...your Life.
    It becomes all you can think about. It becomes who you are.
    Your life becomes consumed with how to stop the pain;
    atleast control it...even if its only for a short while.
    Any break from the pain is welcomed, but when that relief, that short lived relief is gone,
    your once again plunged into the depths of pain and depression.
    A Dx of a life sentence of pain.

  2. Yucca13

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    A very apt description, methinks!
  3. minimonkey

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    What on earth did we do to deserve this?????????

    I love and support all my fellow pain sufferers... been living with this myself for 15 years....
  4. PVLady

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    You are so right, when you are in that kind of pain you become the pain. That is where you are. Mandy, I don't believe it is a life sentence of pain.

    I want to say something encouraging to you. I suffered terribly for years and when I finally found the right doctor who knows how to treat pain I began my recovery - at least I am much better. Before I would go weeks unable to even leave the house - mostly in bed.

    My highest pain levels are down to a 1-2 now. It took almost two years and alot of changes - both physical, spiritual and mental.

    Before finding my current doctor, at one point I was on MS Contin - a long acting morphine. Today, I take a med called Subutex and usually one Tylenol GelCap each day. If I feel I need something stronger I have Ultram but it makes me tired. I usually take it at bedtime.

    I made the biggest mistake because of pain becoming very sedentary. My muscles were so de-conditioned.

    I am sorry, I am not trying to change the subject here. My journey to getting better really started when I found this forum.
  5. achyinarkansas

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    I've been in a constant flare up since 2002. Bc of the tremendous stress I have to live with. That's why to me it feels like a life sentence of pain. I take ultram and darvon, and most days their just not cutting it. I'm in such horrible pain right now I can hardly breathe. Thank you for ur comments.
  6. pemaw54

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    I was like you and some days still have too much pain to mention. I was terrified that someone would think I was a drug addict or something. I have found that those days that are hard to breathe I take another darvacet and lay down again. It does help. I have a wonderful internist and a caring rheumotologist. Now, I dont know what will happen when I build up a resistance to my 3 pain killers and 2 muscle relaxers. Im with you girl. I call the bad nights"A Night From Hell" Im going to bed. Its raining here and that makes me hurt even more Suzette
  7. achyinarkansas

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    Rain rain go away.
    I know we need the rain...but uuuhhhgggggg how it makes us hurrrtt! My Ultram and darvon have just barely touched the pain the last two weeks, but I've stayed soo sick that I've barely been able to leave the house, and the last couple of days have really been horrible.
  8. sunshine54

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    I also live in Arkansas and know how you feel.

    We were rear ended on 3/14/05 and since then I've had two cervical fusions and a lumbar fusion just this past month. I am in a constant fibro flare. My NS called it muscle spascitity and added 3 325 mg. of Soma along with my 3 4 mg. of Zanaflex for muscle spasms. If I stay up longer than 3 hours, I get shocklike pains on the left side of my neck and down the left side of my shoulder blade. the NS did tell my hubby I needed another surgery, but I've had 3 in 8 months. I think my body needs to recover before any more surgeries.

    Was your disability based just on Fibromyalgia?
  9. achyinarkansas

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    It was on FM and Osteoarthritis.
    I had a car accident in April of 2002, that is what thru my FM into high gear. I had seen small signs of for a few yrs pryer and I knew I had it but didn't get a DX till March of 2003.
    I've been in a constant flare since 2002.
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    Your description of pain is so right on - and moving. I coppied it into my computer files so I can show it to anyone who wants to know what our DD is like. ((( )))

    Does your doctor truly understand how much you are suffering? Would he refer you to a pain specialist or a rheumy? Would it be good to look for another doctor even? You deserve to be on pain medication that works. :(

    Please keep telling us how you are doing, and if there is any change, and if anything helps.
    ((hugs)) Shannon
  11. achyinarkansas

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    Look up a previous post I made back in December.
    "A sort of poem on how I feel"
  12. achyinarkansas

    achyinarkansas New Member

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It takes some reading, patience, and commitment, but that's certainly easier in the long run, and healthier, than constantly living with horrible pain. Like everything else, the Guai doesn't work for everyone but it does work for most if they follow the protocol.

    My FMS symptoms are about 90 percent reversed and I now seldom take anything stronger than something OTC for my pain. I do take Klonopin and it helps disrupt pain signals in the brain but that's not why I take it. When I was weaning down on it, my pain didn't increase.

    I highly recommend that anyone with pain go to the website and check it out. If you think you want to give the treatment a shot, buy the book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia." It contains everything you need to know to do the treatment. The Guai sold here is the best and comes in several forms. I take the least expensive fast acting Guai but for some, the long acting type works better.

    Pain meds can actually cause the body to produce more pain. That leads to tolerance and having to take higher and higher doses. I was on Morphine for my pain and I stayed on it until the Guai had my pain under control.

    There are some of us here who have been very successful with the Guai and we are always happy to answer questions. I do suggest reading the book and then posting any question you may have. The Guai has almost no side effects and is very safe. People have nothing to lose but the cost of the book and the Guai and everything to gain. I highly recommend trying it.

    Love, Mikie