FM and Arthritis

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    Is there anyone out there that has both FM and Arthritis? If so are you taking different meds for both or do your FM meds work on your arthritis or do you arthritis meds work with your FM meds. With it getting colder every day and damper the pain just gets worse and worse. I would like to know what everyone out there takes for their arthritis cause what I am taking is defenitley not working. I'm taking 75mgs of diclofenac twice a day and it doesn't even touch the pain. Hope to hear some of you guys that take something different that i might mention to my doctor. thanks ahead of time......SueF
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    I do but my pain is not well managed at all.

    I take tramadol and tylenol and aspirin and it helps on the good days. Neurton helps but I don't know what. I jstu know it hurts worse if I don't get it.
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    i have arthritis and fm of course,i take amytriptylene for fm 25mg a day,and he gave me algesic cream for my arthritis,the cream my boyfriend gives me a massage with it its for my back,neck,he massages me for 1hour,and it is so relaxing,i also have cannabis cream for muscles eaze thats great for my hands and knees,iv only started the cannabis cream for 3months and i think it works for me bcause i seem swollen all the time,hope to here soon takecare,
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    jg004o6371 what is cannabis cream? I've never heard of it before and it is my hands and knees that hurt the most. Unforunetly I am way past amytriptylene. That stopped working for me almost 6 months ago.

    romanshopper thanks for the reply but I am alergic to tramadol and with everything else I am on am only allowed to take tylenol.

    jaminhealth your right I do live in a colder climate. I live in Iowa where the winters can get really visious. I'm still raising two of my three kids but will have to seriously think about transplanting myself when all the kiddies are gone. Your lucky to have such nice climates. Don't know if I could deal with the earthquakes though. lol.
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    Dear Sue:

    I have RA and FMS. My RA was dx 11+ years ago and responded well to low dose of prednisone. I wish I could still take prednisone. My FMS has not been too bad, I believe I have had it since childhood (I am 44 now) and it has mostly been controlled by exercise and advil.

    About 1 year ago my RA started to Flare like it had never done before. My hands were curled up and really not too useful. My wrists were suddenly tightened up in a bit of a flexed position. The pain was unbearable. I started ENBREL in December 2005 and within DAYS my symptoms had lessened, and within a week or so, I was so much better. I could do things that I had not done in years, and my joints seemed to "relax". It lasted for 5 short months. One day it just stopped working. I cried.

    Next we tried HUMIRA. Unfortunately, it never had any benefit for me, and I started a series of respiratory infections and problems that I am still dealing with. I cannot take "normal" RA meds due to the fact that my liver function is not good. Most likely due to all the advil I have been taking over the years (more than the max dose every day for 10+ years). So I am kinda screwed.

    I am now taking plaquenil and sulfasalazide. I just started them about a month ago, and while I am not seeing any improvement, the deterioration has stopped. I have to stop taking the plaquenil for a week due to upcoming surgery...but expect to be back on it soon. Hopefully, I will be able to add methotrexate as well.

    I am only taking flexeril and zinc, magnesium, advil and tylenol for my FMS. I am taking plaquenil and sulfasalazide for my RA. I also have to take lisinopril, cardizem, metformin, singular, advair, ventolin. Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.

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    Mine is not managed to well either. I take lyrica 75mg twice a day, ultram 50mg up to 4 times a day and elival 25 mg at night. I can't take a lot of the drugs like naprosyn because of allergies. The rhummy wanted to put me on one for the gout but since I take so many drugs he has decided to wait. He said it would be a long term commitment. I also take meds for others things also. I have degenertive arthrtitis to and I am afraid that I also have rhumetoid as well becuase my joints in my hands are so swollen in the mornings. Jeanie