FM and canker sores

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laura1611, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. laura1611

    laura1611 New Member

    Does FM have a connection to canker sores. I get them all time and have gotten them my whole life. I have been to Mayo clinic twice and they still haven't diagnosed me but they think I may have it. Please respond if you have this problem.

  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I really can't tell ya - I think some people may have canker sores but don't know if the incidence is higher in those that have FM.
    My question though is- you've been to Mayo twice and still don't have a diagnosis? Do you have a lot of other things going on that are hard to diagnose?

    My heart goes out to you!!

    SHIRLEYU New Member


    Throw out any toothpaste or mouthwash with sodium laurel sulfate. Biotin is a great product (toothpaste, mouthwash, dry mouth gum etc.)
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  4. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I wonder if there is a connection?
  5. frostymocha

    frostymocha New Member

    Yes I am now getting them. Turns out all these years I have had the Herpes virus though I never had a canker sore before. I also have CMV, Varicella, EBV - in other words, my Chronic Fatigue and Fibro came on like a rocket and when I was tested for all sorts of stuff they found I have very high labs for all these viruses. Now I have shingles and canker sores as well - My Dr thinks it is the root and it is also affecting all my nerves.

  6. akandmk

    akandmk New Member

    if i've had too much acidity. My youngest who I now suspect of having FM gets them when he has a fever and they go all the way back down his throat and all over his mouth. He can't eat or swallow from the pain. I'll try the grapeseed extract for both of us and hopefully that will help. canker soars are very painful.
  7. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Canker sores occur most commonly with viral infections, often, one of the Herpes viruses. The Herb, Turmeric (not the spice) and the Amino Acid L-lysine can both be useful to suppress Herpes viruses. I have used both numerous times and find they work quickly. I take one capsule 3 times a day. Both can be found in any health food store for about $10.

    The other thing to know is that foods high in the Amino Acid Arginine will reactivate Herpes viruses. Those that are highest include Nuts, Chocolate, Milk products, seafood, and legumes.
  8. wyattsmom

    wyattsmom New Member

    I hope you get my message. I also get frequent outbreaks of what I thought were canker sores. My Dr said they are actually aphous ulcers, which basically is a type of canker sore but it can go all over your mouth, on the skin, the tongue...and it is a symptom of Fibro. Some websites list it as a symptom when it is a more comprehensive list, some that are smaller lists don't. You are not crazy! They are definetly a symptom of fibromyalgia! They are painful and I cannot eat when I get them. I hate them. My Dr gave me a lidocaine swish for my mouth but it only lasts a few minutes for relief. I found that putting the Blistex medicated ointment, not the lip balm, on them, even the ones in my mouth, gave me better relief for longer. I know you are not supposed to put that in your mouth but it hasn't bothered me or anything. There isn't much else you can do about them, besides gargeling with salt water and eating very bland foods. Good luck, I am sorry you have this problem too!
  9. wyattsmom

    wyattsmom New Member

    I thought these sores were th eHerpes Virus too! My DR said they absolutely ARE NOT! Aphous Ulcers are ulcers on the mouth that are not connected to herpes, even though they feel like the regular cnaker sores that are connected. I was trying all viral supplements (to get rid of the virus) and it did absolutely nothing, and aggravated them more. Search for Aphous Ulcers and read about them.
  10. frostymocha

    frostymocha New Member

    WOW!!!!!!! this is an amazing thread and you have really helped me. I have been getting these cankers or whatever on my gums and becuase I have tested positive for all the viruses and they are active in my system (I have shingles of the CNS) it was presumed that these were oral herpes. But ...... now I wonder if these really are cold sores. I am on Valtrex and take 1500 g of Lysine a day for the CNS Shingles (that Drs are not sure whether I got this becuase of the CFS or are a cause of the CFS). I have to have my tooth extracted next week so I will ask the oral surgeon about this.
  11. frostymocha

    frostymocha New Member

    WOW this really helps me - never heard this before and I thought I had herpes in my mouth - now it all makes sense. So I looked it up and you are sooooooo right!

    That helps me so much!
  12. laura1611

    laura1611 New Member

    How do you know if they are canker sores or Aphous Ulcers? I have never heard of this before every dr has just said they are canker sores. Thanks so much for your help!
  13. laura1611

    laura1611 New Member

    Hi Janalynn. I originally went to Mayo clinic because i wanted some answers to all the diagnosis i have received over the years. I have a LARGE medical history but I will share it with everyone, if they are interested to read. When I was five years old I would wake up crying because my legs hurt so much that my parents would rush me to the ER. After going to Children's hospital they diagnosed me with Juvenile Rheumatic Arthritis however months later they said it was a mistake and they would need to do more testing. My parents were outraged because i was taking double the amount of aspirin a child should take for the pain and throwing up. (That was the dr suggestion) We walked out of there and never went back. I saw an allergist and he toke me off beef and milk and my symptoms went away. However around thirteen they returned but in my hands not legs as much. While I was at mayo they concluded that i defiantly do not have arthritis but i may have FM.

    I wish those symptoms were all I had but there is a larger list. I have had canker sores my whole life. I also have stomach problems they say possible IBS? ( however mayo suggested maybe celiacs) I have Graves disease. I may have reynolds disease, my feet are always cold sometimes purple and get weird bruises and marks. And I get sick just a cold or virus once or twice a month for about four days always.
    I went to mayo hoping there was a link to all these problems maybe one thing I had wrong. However, after a large expense I was left with the Graves diagnosis( Which I already knew I had for months.) And they had a list of diseases I may have (Which was the same list DR had told me before) After those visits I dont know what else to do. All of these things should not be occurring to a body thats only 20. Someone suggested posting on medical sites which I have never done before so now Im just trying to see if anyone else has these issues. And has a diagnosis.
  14. laura1611

    laura1611 New Member

    Thanks for all your suggestions to help the canker sores! I have tried L-Lyson before and it did not help. Ive also tried baking soda, mouthwash daily, over the counter, and salt. None of those things helped clear the canker sores faster. But I will defiantly try the other suggestions!
  15. writleou

    writleou New Member

    I posted once on Oct. 18th, but full-time work means I can't keep reposting. I, too used to get canker sores often, and yes, there's a relationship. See my post "Warning about Arginine" on the above date. And if you want to help both your FM and your cold sores, take Lysine. You'll need to megadose at first, but then you can probably reduce to a maintenance dose when things are better.

    Good Luck and Great Health,
  16. aleutian

    aleutian New Member


    Could you e-mail me at and tell me how they diagnosed you with CNS shingles. I have been tested for a few things but not CNS shingles and I know whatever I have, it is hitting the brain hard time.

    Thanks, Mary
  17. aleutian

    aleutian New Member


    Could you e-mail me at and tell me how they diagnosed you with CNS shingles. I have been tested for a few things but not CNS shingles and I know whatever I have, it is hitting the brain hard time.

    Thanks, Mary

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