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  1. mq

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    A GP dr.s letter for my mom said she had both. Is this usual/unusual? Or do some dr.s just lump them together?
  2. sumbuni

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    I think folks have both alot of the time. Just what I pick up from reading the message board.


    ps.I lost you...going to bed, thanks for being there for me.
  3. mq

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    sorry it took awhile. Want to try tomorrow? PM? or another day/time?
    I teach about 8-3:30. Around 4 or after 8:30 is best for me
  4. Shirl

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    Some doctors will lump them together, but others will check for both.

    From what I have read most people seem to contact CFS, then FM. Others just seem to have one or the other.

    Myself, its the FM, have had this for over twenty years. I do have some cross over symptoms of CFS but do not have all the symptoms.

    HOpe this helped.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. Mikie

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    There is a lot of overlap in symptoms, but there are some differences too. CFIDS usually follows some type of illness like a viral or bacterial infection. You feel like you have the flu, but either you never recover or it takes months and can leave you crippled. For some, it just seems to come out of nowhere during a stressful time.

    FMS can follow an illness like this or some type of trauma like a fall or auto accident. It, too, can come on during a stressful period. In order to get a diagnosis of FMS, one must have the tender points.

    Generally speaking, FMS is more marked by pain and CFIDS more marked by extreme fatigue but you can have both pain and fatigue with both.

    Some docs feel these illnesses are one and the same. After being sick for so long, I can tell which is causing what. The CFIDS has been by far the more debilitating of the two.

    Love, Mikie