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    I've been doing a LOT of research since I found Great Lakes Hydrosylate...I have a post on it here....just now I decided to check on FM and Collagen depletion and found quite a few sites about this and depletion of collagen with FM patients.... One can do a search for themselves...

    Since I'm taking the GLH, I have much less pain, sleep much better, usually waking up for the 1st time at 4AM for the bathroom and then back to sleep. I have added the amino acid Glycine a couple days ago which is said to promote Healthy Sleep. Interesting Healthy Sleep....ahhhhhh

    There is a product I found online but in my mind, the Great Lakes would do the same thing.
    Genacol® is one of the only supplements that has been shown to have significant benefits in reducing the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. There is a severe lack of ...
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    I keep my nails short anyway, always filing them down, I'd love to see vertical lines lessen, we shall see....on that one. Hair is strong and fine, but thick skin is very good, thanks to years of grape seed extract, but I think my face might even be brighter.....

    My main goal is pain and I'm feeling enough benefit to CONTINUE for sure.....and feeling less fibro pain I believe....that's why I looked up the fibro/collagen connection issue. jm

    I've read TONS of reviews online, and many report stronger nails/hair, etc....again that is not my goal but I'll take all benefits that come my way.

    The vertical lines in my fingernails have gotten SO BAD in the last few yrs or more, and I am noticing the lines are smoothing out.....I will be watching this one for sure.....the vertical lines indicate arthritic issues for one thing....
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    Since I've been doing SO MUCH reading and research on this collagen issue, I have found info that says we need to take in 60-80 grams of protein daily and I figure with the collagen I'm getting at least 35 grams with just it, then there is my protein foods.....this is just 3T give or take of the collagen protein.

    The nail thing is really really interesting, as the lines have gotten so bad in recent years.....