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  1. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    Have anyone ever gotten SSD for just having FM and depression?


  2. qnjamie

    qnjamie New Member

    I just filed but who knows...there are more cases everyday

    If you want checkout Allsup,inc.
    They are doing all they work and they have a 97% approval rate.
  3. JLH

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    When filing for SSDI, don't indicate "just" FM and depression.

    List your illness and each problem (or symptom) that you have with that particular illness.

    For example, you are not able to work due to the:

    * daily headaches

    * excruciating pain in neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs, knees, .......

    * multi-joing pain, and muscle pain

    *cognitive dysfunction (loss of short-term memory, "foggy" feeling in head all day) (not alert enough to drive to and from work safely)

    * unrelenting fatigue

    * irritable bowel symdrome

    * inability to sleep

    * medications you must take also make you more fatigued and foggy headed; as well as the inability to sleep contributes to your fatigue and mental alertness.

    * depression

    * list everything that affects you; for example, cry all day due to the depression, can not talk to people in public due to depression, etc, etc, etc,

    This way, you are requesting SSDI based on all of the above problems that you have, which are much more impressive to list vs. one word - Fibromyalgia. Does this make sense?

    Also, rack your brain to see if you have ANY OTHER symptom that bothers you, and list it!

    For example:

    * can not stand up more than 20 min. without experiencing low back pain.

    Stuff like that!

    Hope this made sense and hope it helps!

    Edit: I forgot, the main thing is to make sure you have your doctor note his files on how badly each problem bothers you. Go to the doc often. Who is treating you for your depression--your primary doc or a psychologist?

    The best way to make sure all of this info is in your doc's file is to prepare a list of "thing to discuss with Dr. X"
    and list them, most important first and then work down. List EVERYTHING and then just tell him that if he doesn't have time to get to the things at the end, you can discuss them at next appt. Then, when you leave, ask him to just put your list you brought him in your medical file.

    I make a list every time I go to my primary doc who treats me for the majority of all my symptoms. He includes my notes in with his. This way, when his files are copied for Soc. Sec., YOUR NOTES go with his notes and then Soc Sec gets to see that what you have on your application is true and is what you discuss with your doc!!

    Edit #2 - I have so much fibro fog, that I can't remember everything at the same time! I applied for SSDI only 1 time, and I was approved on my first try without any help form anyone--no attorney, nobody. I listed everything that is wrong with me--which, I think, is included in my bio in my profile, if you want to see an example!

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  4. poodlemommy

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    yes I won government disability over a year ago and I just won a cash out on my LTD disability. My symptoms were mainly fibro. The best advice I can give it dont give up and dont set for the first amount they throw at you. there is lots more money to be had, they just try to buy you off cheap if you let them
  5. DVoit

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    Thanks so much for your imput. I now know more of what to put in my appeal papers.

  6. Francey54

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    Dear Donna:

    I had filed for SSD stating Fibromyalga, Chronic Fatigue and Severe Depression. As my case progressed so many ailments showed up that were attributed to FM, but I was not awarded disability on the grounds of Fibromyalgia. To this day, Fibromyalgia does not appear on the SSD's Blue Book of Disabilities. That is an outrage!

    I was awarded under the guidelines under:

    Muscular-Skeleton: degenerative verterbrea and disc disease, degenerative joint disease and severe osteoarthritis.

    Mental Disorder: Affective Disorder (major depression) and Anxiety Disorder.

    Immune System: Immune System Disorder (not clear but most likely a type of Rheumetoid Arthritis and possibly Lupus), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    You have to get all the x-rays, sonograms, CT's MRI'S possible that will show how your muscular skeleton system is. If you have depression, you need alot of support from your Psychiatrist and lots of forms filled out by him stating how your depression affects you daily life. Blood work to see if you have elevated SED Rate, Antibodies disorder, A positive Serology test, etc. In other words, dig deep into every single part of your body. All the more you have, the betterwill be the outcome of your case.

    Hope this helps.


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