FM and Excessive Sweating mainly Head/neck ANYONE ELSE?????

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    So I suffer from excessive sweating from my head, neck and chest mostly. I have been having this problem for about 2 years now. I am about 50 lbs. overweight but this started before I was overweight. I am now overweight becuase I can never do any kind of activity. The slightest movement even trying to take a shower, get dressed, wash dishes or anything i start to sweat alot. My underarms are mainly okay becuase I have clinical strength deorderent to put on.
    My sweat does not smell.When I am soaked I could easily squeeze my clothes and the water runs out of them. My hair gets so soaked it looks like I just washed my hair and then to top it all off I get really cold sweats after I start to cool down and I am sitting . I always need the icepack on my head also I get very bad migraines. I also need the air conditioner and fan blowing on me. My skin feels cool to touch yet my face is beat red and I am drenched in sweat.
    I cannot stand this. I have been to several drs and none of them can figure it out. They all say that I do have a problem but they just dont know what it is. I have had several tests more than I can name including blood work and sometimes the bloodwork comes back abnormal and one minute they think I have Pheochromycytoma and then the next minute my bloodwork is fine so then they dont think I have pheo and then they give up and on to the next willing dr.
    I am going crazy. I have lost most of my friends cause they dont understand that I cant do anything without going through all of this and afterwards I end up with the chills and a bad headache. It is not worth going through this so most of the time I am just sleeping or laying on my recliner so I dont have to go through this. On top of everything I also was diagosed at the age of 17 with Fibromyalgia so that surely does not make it any better. I cant even make it to Wawa and family functions are another embarrassing thing. Everyone looks at you like why are you sweating its like winter time and I am dressed like summertime yet still drenched. If anyone else is like me please contact me. I would like to talk to someone that is also going through this. Also if anyone has any answers that would be great or any suggestions! Thanks! Shellash
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    I don't sweat as much as it sounds like you do, but I do sweat pretty easily and I also have night sweats a lot.....for me it is totally a part of the ME/CFS and FM.....I have a very very small temperature range where I feel somewhat ok (as good as I can), and anything over or under that range really effects me.....temperature sensitivity is common with ME/CFS and FM

    another thing that it could be in your case is meds, if you are on any.....I'm not so I know that is not it for me, but I do know that a lot of the meds that are frequently prescribed for our illnesses can cause excessive sweating
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    Hi Shellash! I have the same thing. I have suffered with it for about 7 yrs was worse when i was taking higher levels of antidepressants....and they made me gain was cymbalta...i only take a tiny dose of effexor now but can't go up cuz the sweating gets wasn't my wasn't anything that anyone could help me with....

    i used to have short hair and it was always SOAKED....and it is embarrassing to be talking to someone in the middle of winter, and there is sweat running down my face....

    i think maybe it got a little worse when I went on the pain patch...fentanyal...but, i have to say, i have put out messages like yours at various boards and have had over a hundred answers with women on various meds, no meds, in menopause, not in menopause....i think this is part of the fibromyalgia... or is probably another symptom that we are helpless to stop....and it is a doozie! who wants to even move if just making the bed drenches you so bad you need another shower?

    I can't do anything around my house without heating up and starting the sweating....

    i went to the ER for a migraine once and the pain was awful and it was summer and i was just raining sweat! when i got there, they were checking me and saying over and over that they would not be givning my any opiods in the IV that would help my migraine...they thought i was in drug...ah, you know when you need a drug to get high but you don't have it....drug WITHDRAWAL!!! yes that is the word! because of the excessive sweating they were thinking i was a druggie and they were looking at my chart with raised eyebrows since i was on percocet and pain patches...i was telling them no, don't worry, i took my meds on time....i didn't mess up my dose of my patch or anything ....but they were not worried about me that way...theywere thinking i was drug seeking....

    they had to give me a new t shirt since i had the chills so bad from when the sweating stopped when the headache went shirt was soaked and making me cold....the nurse said that she had NEVER seen anything like it!!! water just dripping off me with no heat or overexersion.....welcome to our nightmare!

    I am sorry that i have no answers for you...i freeze my family out with the AC on all summer and a fan on me...and in the winter the thermostat is set at 66 degrees....F...but is more like 60 in our room with the fan on and the window open a will be below zero outside and i have the window open a crack...sometimes it is snowing inside my room!!!

    I pray someone, sometime finds an answer for us...for now,posts like yours, and mine will keep popping up....

    i think it has something to do with the chemicals in our brains....hormones...maybe it is all tied into the bio identical hormones that some women get and feel great with....i live in a rural area and there is no places to help ppl like us....and i can't travel anymore...i just can't take, i continue to suffer...

    i walk around with a wet washcloth or towel in the summer, while in the airconditioned house@!!!! just a tip i remembered....

    good luck! hang in least we are suffering together...
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    FM, excessive sweating and migraines point to 2 chronic infections......Borrelia (Lyme) and Babesia....perhaps Ehrlichia too.

    Here is some info to read through....

    symptom list is on page 9-11....and symptom info about Babesia and other common coinfections is on pages 22-27 of this paper...

  5. msbsgblue

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    So far I have not been able to. If you look this up on computer it can be other serious problems too. Cancer causes one to sweat bad. I pour water.

    My doctor in WA was going to run cancer markers on me when I moved back to MO and the doctor her dismissed the idea.

    I still have no idea why I can sit still and literally drip wet. Sometimes I cannot even dry my hair I sweat so bad.
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