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    I am having a problem with my eyes and am in need of some advice. I have Sjogren's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I suffer with dry eyes and dry mouth from SS and typically eye drops help. Recently the drops were not working so I decided allergies had kicked in and started using Visine A with no success, and then finally had the doc prescribe a Prednisone eye drop. I also take Zyrtec D. I can't say I don't feel any difference but its not a significant improvement so needless to say, I want something else.

    I don't know if my prob is related to SS or FM. I never thought about FM being in the eyes until I read an article about Fibromyalgia the other day. Does anyone have probs with eyes and FM. My probs are not only that they feel dry and gritty but they feel strained. The eye socket actually aches and makes me want to close my eyes (not too convenient at work). Once closed they still ache but do feel better. They seem to get worse as the day progresses. They are also blurry and my vision is impaired from this. I love to read and am on the computer alot so this cuts into the things I like to do.

    Any suggestions for relief will be appreciated.


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    you should try drops that have an antihistamine in them.
    Bausch and Lomb make an over the counter one called Opticom, which is the one I use. Some of them irritate or hurt my eyes worse, but this one isn't too bad.
    I know how irritating the problem can be. Good luck.
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    I started having eye trouble when I turned 40, which happens to be around the time I was dx'd with FM. At first my eyes were dry and very tired. After a while it began to feel like I had been punched in both eyes and they would be very puffy in the morning. Now I'm at the point that by the end of the day, my eyes are so strained that my vision is blurred. I got glasses back in January for long distance. I insisted that I was having trouble with reading up close. The insisted my eyes were fine. I was so frustrated! Now almost 5 months later, I've gone to WalMart and bought 1.25 reading glasses. I don't have vision insurance and I'm not looking forward to having my eyes rechecked. I'm afraid that is what I'll have to do real soon.

    As far as relief goes, I try to get up earlier and place an eye pillow across my eyes (it is stuffed with flaxseed and lavendar). I take my allergy medicine religiously. I've begun applying a night eye creme too. When my eyes are very tired, I try to get into a lower light situation (sun glasses indoors works for me). By the time the evening rolls around, I try to rest my eyes as much as I can without falling asleep. I really feel old!

    I hope you find some relief! Lisa
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    Has your rheumatologist addressed the problem?
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    I've had dry eyes for years now and all the symptoms that you have described........but you have been to an eye doctor, right? Well, I just found out that I have Glaucoma in both of my eyes and I'm only I don't know if that is fibro connected, lupus connected, or it's just "me" but if you have not been examined by an eye doctor for glaucoma, you should.
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    I was dx w/closed angle glaucoma about 15 months ago. Went to a glaucoma specialist and had laser iridotomy on each eye. No more glaucoma; once again I can take antihistamines and have my eyes dilated! It is a very quick procedure where they laser a tiny hole in your iris (near the top so it's hidden under your eyelid) this balances the fluids in front and behind your eye. That may not be a great description but what the heck, I'm a "layman".

    Sorry to hear about your dry eyes - but just had to say something about glaucoma because of one of the other posts. I too work on computers and will read in the evening until my eyes produce so many tears I can hardly see! I use OTC eye drops without the "allergy" medicine just to keep my eyes wet.
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    Hope to find more similar problems and solutions . . .
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    My vision is often blurred they also ache. If you find anything let us all know.
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    I've been told when my eyes get achey or dry to use eye drops....but that was the old DR. I haven't metioned it to my new Dr. Sometimes I can focus enough to make out words and other times there is no way to make things out unless I am wearing my reading glasses. Even then I sometimes notice they seem slightly blurred.

    My good friends noticed sometimes I could read my Bible in class and sometimes the sweeties got me a large print Bible for my Birthday (between Christmas and New Year)!!! Now even if I forget my reading glasses by the computer I have a chance of reading the Bible verses but still have trouble with the song books. Sometimes I can make out the "shape or silloute of a word" and many times the word looks like another and I sing the wrong word. Then there are times I have my glasses and I still transpose words! I get some giggles but that is ok. God knows what I meant.

    Didn't know it could be the Fibro though. It just happen sometimes. I never really know until I look at the book if I can read it or not. There does seem to be a correlation of tired or spacey feeling when I have trouble focusing. Mental confusion seems to hit the same time the eyes are real tired. And others can see it before I feel it sometimes..