FM and Graves Disease

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    Has anyone else been diag. with Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism)I have also had FM for 15 yrs. I was newly diag. with GD 6 months ago and I was treated with radioactive iodine. Since then I have had SEVERE muscle weakness. Burning pain in legs when I walk just a short ways, have trouble washing my hair because I have to keep puting my arms down, spaghetti feeling in muscles.

    When I had a blood test 3 months ago I was in Hypothyroidism and was put on thyroid med. My numbers came up, but I am still low. The doc. wants to wait 2 more months before upping the dose again. I am also to see a rheumatologist because she says you can develop other auto immune disorders once you have one!

    My question is what was it like for you? And does it get better? This really stinks!!

    Thanks for any comments or help.


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  2. terri7175

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    I was diagnosed last April(2007) with Graves Disease, but ALSO had a 'cold nodule', which can be an indicator for cancer. Because of that, the ENT opted to remove my thyroid. I am on Levoxyl, and have much more energy than before my diagnosis. I think we too often don't look to the thyroid as a source of some of our fatigue. I've had FM since 1999.

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