FM and Intestinal Problems/Barrett's Esophagus

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    I'm new to the board and since my FM diagnosis 7 years ago, I haven't done much research until recently about the weird ways FM decides to manifest itself.

    Some things I had no idea it does which really opened my eyes to my own disease.

    This past year my FM really started coming out of the woodwork and has worn my body down more than in the past several years combined.

    I have several major intestinal issues like diverticulosis/itis, IBS, repeatedly get polyps and internal hemorrhoids and many other conditions, too.

    Imodium is my best friend, too, by the way. Forget the American Express card...Imodium.."don't leave home without it" has become my motto. :)

    I would like to know from others if they have multiple intestinal issues like I do.

    Also, I was just diagnosed today with Barrett's Esophagus (after an endoscopy), does anyone else have this and have any suggestions on medications, treatments, problems, success stories?

    The intestinal stuff has been a big problem for me starting around 2 years ago and it just keeps getting worse and more broad.

    Would love to hear from other people about these things. Sometimes I really really feel like I'm alone with it because other people who don't have chronic illness just don't understand the impact of this stuff.

    Just opening up the flood gates for discussion and sharing ideas.

    Thanks all.....

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