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    I've been seeing my chiro every week mostly for the thigh IT band damage from hip replacement...he does A.R.T. work on this's slowly feeling some relief, but I don't know if I'll ever be normal in that area.

    While there today and talking to him about all the chronic body pain and just mentioned the Fibro, I don't think I've said too much about fibro since my biggest issue is arthritis.....I don't know which is worse but the two combined are horrible.

    While on the table he started using cold laser therapy on my lower back, upper middle back, back of neck...he was using "low cold laser therapy". Said this work helps to calm down nerve pain. I felt good when I left and we shall see. I do take some pain meds before I go to his office as I couldn't go if I didn't.

    So I did some research on this subject and there is a lot to read on this protocol and FM. If you see a chiro and they haven't offered cold laser therapy, mention it.

    I will continue thru this year with him, once a week and am going back to my rheumy next week for more acupuncture, mostly on knee/ankle/shoulder this time.... jam

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    There are many links on this subject if you can't open the above......
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