FM and Menopause

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    Does anyone out there think that their FM came around the time that their periods started going up the wall?!? I have neuropathic problems, FM problems etc. but feel sure that this all started (4 years ago) when periods started getting further and further apart. I have had a hormone profile done and am not menopausal but probably perimenopausal. Maybe I'm clutching at straws here but any port in a storm! The drs. say that as my body is stressed coping with the FM that this would cause periods to be erratic but I think the menstrual problems started first! Any input would be welcome. Thanks Pauline x
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  2. Summerbreeze

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    I am also wondering about the connection to hormones as I am right smack in the "eye" of the "menopausal storm".

    My illness began 14 years ago while I was in the peri-menopausal stage. I am better now that menopause is moving right along. An awful lot of my current problems can conceivably be caused by hormonal imbalances. I am NOT doing menopause well!

    I have an appt next month to check my hormone levels with a new doc that specializes in bio-identical hormone therapy. I am excited to have this appt and am very curious as to how things will stack up (hormonally-speaking). I believe there could be a connection for many of us.

    Love, Summerbreeze

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