FM and noise sensitivity

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. loto

    loto Member

    Hi all FMer's.
    We've talked about this subject before, I think.
    I'd like to hear other FMer's experiences with hearing sensitivities.

    These are the things that drive me crazy:
    *twangy music, or music with high pitched instruments, heavy metal music(which I used to love!)
    *very sensitive to steady hums, for instance at work this week I've noticed the loud constant hum in my office from the lights, computers, copy machine, etc (i asked the other girls if they notice it and they don't)
    *loud vehicles, such as motorcycles and semi trucks (oh, did I mention I live along a busy highway and hear these all the time?)
    *my dogs' barks (i have 3, so you could imagine how it cuts through me when they see someone pull up in the driveway)
    *a co-worker that sits on the other side of a partition from me. I could go on all day about her, but I'll make it short and not-so-sweet. She's the most insensitive person I've ever met! She talks so loud and has a deep gravelly voice. And her laugh is sooooo loud and annoying. And she's so nosy, so she's constantly talking. Oh yeah, and did I mention she talks with food in her mouth, then gets choked on it and starts coughing loud and gagging. Do you think she'd get up and go to the restroom till she stops??? NO!!!! And the way she talks is so fast, loud, and abrupt.
    *My husband is a mechanic, and has his business at home: air compressor, power tools, banging on metal, etc. It all hurts my ears.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but you get the idea. I'd like to know what things, if any, bother others with hearing sensitivities.

  2. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I hear a high pitch frequency sound from the tv. Im the only one who hears it. Drives me to distraction. Dogs make me crazy. I can silence mine with a look. Not so the neighbors dog. I live next to a busy highway as well but the traffic noise actually soothes me to sleep at night. Go figure. But not the train in the distance. I swear I can hear the clackety-clack tho no one else does. Makes me nuts. And music always. Breaks my heart but I cant stand most of it anymore. Love country music but the steel go. The swishing sound of the blades on the ceiling fan. Oh boy Im fun to live with.
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  3. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I've had this for years, and it just gets worse, so I have moved into a place where you don't hear anything outside except the wind, which bothers me as well.

    I have one small dog who's bark drives me crazy, so I either put him in his special room with his radio on, and because he's so nervous, will give him a homeopathic calmer.

    That's when I'm so thankful to live alone. If I've become way overstimulated, I can't even watch T.V.

    And I rarely leave my home, as I cannot stand the noises out there. If we have a storm, I put earplugs in to block out that noise.

    I have helpers, and sometimes I have to ask them to "whisper"; super, super sensitive. It's like being allergic to the whole world.

    Oh, here comes the wind, so will put on some music that I like to block it.

    Feel sorry for those who "have" to be out in this noise on a regular basis. Our nervous systems just can't handle it.
  4. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Hi loto,

    Sound sensitivity can occur when an infection inflames the cranial nerve associated with hearing.

    The same thing can happen with the cranial nerve associated with vision, creating light sensitivity.

    Commonly, this happens with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (lyme), because it is a nervous system infection.

  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I am right there with ya! Most really loud noises bother me in general, like my normal response is "does it have to be so loud??"

    My husband can crack his knuckles and it will send me through the roof. When he gets ice out of the refrigerator door I almost get angry (at the noise - well sometimes him. LOL) It sounds like a hammer right next to my ear. Slam a cupboard door, let the door to the garage close on it's own, clash a plate, scrape a fork on a plate, tap a pen - it all irritates me. Even when others get out of my car, I say "please don't slam the door". Forget it if someone wants to eat something crunchy right next to me - crackers, chips, nuts, every crunch is magnified about 100 times.

    I used to get irritated (geez, I sound like I'm always irritated) when I'd say "can't you hear that?" and no one else could. I now realize that I can hear the slightest of noises.

    When I'm in bad pain - forget it. I have to have quiet. I can handle the TV, not super loud, those commercials that come on that are so much louder than the shows are so bothersome, (didn't say irritating, but meant it!) I swear the most innocent of noises sends pain through my body!

    I had to laugh about your co-worker. I have one as well. I've had to tell myself, "how can laughter bother me?" I mean it should be such a welcome sound, but man. This woman laughs SO loud, at the weirdest times. Then she'll talk like she's a building away from you yet she's right there. I've had to cover my ear while I'm on the phone because I can't hear a thing.

    One of the greatest sounds in the world is hearing children laughing. Well, the neighbor kids don't just laugh, they scream. I can't sit outside anymore while they're out back screaming.
    Luckily, THAT does bother my husband as well, so even he realizes that if it's bad for him, it must be reeeeally bad for me.

    I'm forgetting a lot of things as well - but yes, I certainly get what you're talking about.
    We could probably come up with quite a long list.

  6. loto

    loto Member

    I totally forgot about the commercials!!!!!! They do come on so loud! I keep the remote in my hands the whole time I'm watching TV, so I can turn it down the second the commercials start.
    And the scraping of utensils on dishes. Oh yeah. The lady next to me also eats all day long. Somtimes it's something in a dish and i hear the scrape scrape scrape, and there like numerous, short LOUD scrapes!!!!! Also in a rythym. Must be obvious I can't stand her but have no choice but to put up with her 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. --But that's a WHOLE other story that my co-workers that don't have FM can't tolerate her either.

    Thanks all of you who shared the stuff with me! I know there's other stuff that hurts my ears, I just can't think of it all.


    I'm so sorry that your sensitivity is bad enough that you don't leave your home.
    Is this something you're content with? I'm just wondering if you do want to get out if ear plugs or something like that would help. Sorry if I'm being nosy......


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  7. loto

    loto Member

    This is a common symptom of FM.
    I don't think I noticed mine at the same time I was diagnosed with FM.
    For me, it was another symptom that gradually showed up. Since being diagnosed almost 2 years ago, it seems every few months I've gotten other symptoms that are known to be associated with FM.

  8. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I never knew the noise sensitivity was related to the FM. My doctor treats my back problems. Im not sure how she feels about the FM cos her response was that the treatment would be the same. Guessing she means pain meds. And the touch sensitivity...guess thats a whole 'nother thread. I know I sound crazy when I say it hurts my skin to touch it. Ah well...
  9. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I can't say I can pinpoint when I started having noise sensitivity. I believe I've had Fibro symptoms since I was probably a late teen, early twenties (twenty years ago). So I've known this "life" for a long time, just didn't have a name for it.

    loto- oh my gosh, I know it's not funny, but I was laughing when I read about your co-worker (again). I can feel YOUR blood boiling as she's eating and scraping. Some people are so unaware of others around them.

    I always have the remote in my hand when watching TV too!
  10. Rockismom

    Rockismom New Member

    In my earlier years I made an agreement with my niece...she doesn't "chomp" on ice when she's around me and I won't file my nails. NOW it seems many noises "bother " me. I used to think I was going to jump out of my skin if my two co-works didn't SHUT UP! Chatter, chatter chatter ALL day long! No WONDER I couldn't get anything done! Pencil or finger tapping was another. Gum chewing and popping or cracking - oh my GOSH! I too can hear the TV "buzzing". These noises dont really hurt my ears as much as get on my nerves.

    We live about three miles from an interstate and even further from the city's RR tracks but I can hear them on a still night. Though those noises don't really bother me, people are amazed I can hear them.

    Very loud noises bother me or hurt my ears but more if they are banging type noises. Most automobiles (including motorcycles) for instance don't bother me, but the lawn mower, copy machines and folders where I worked drove me up the wall. Also the fumes from the autos and office machines.

    Isn't this FM thing crazy?
  11. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    Sometimes sensitivities result from insufficient filtering (the normal process) in the brain. A couple of neurotransmitters -- glutamate & GABA work hand in hand on the gating/filtering process, glutamate making the brain more sensitive & GABA "shutting the gate" so to say.

    GABA is very active in the temporal lobe of the brain, where sound is received & processed.

    GABA agonist meds can help reduce pain sensitivity -- as well as other sensory sensitivities. However, there are other ways to influence this system, for example some people are exquisitely sensitive to glutamate in food, which greatly upregulates their sensory sensitivity. Glutamate is found widely in food -- beyond the notorious MSG. Even certain fruits are high in glutamate.

    The methylation cycle also influences glutamate/GABA balance. If there is inadequate phospholipid methylation, the NMDA glutamate receptors in the brain get kind of "stuck" in the open position, which hampers normal filtering processes & leaves us irritated, sensitive to certain sounds, and overly sensitive to volume issues.

    Best wishes.
  12. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I have it severe. Really severe. I've had it since I was a teenager. I can't take loud music, loud tv's, screaming children or screaming babies. Any kind of loud, I can't do it. My neighbor's tv at my wall drives me nuts.

    And the thing is, what I consider loud, normal people don't. Even the ticking of the clocks in my apartment are loud to me and drive me nuts.

    I can't even turn up my music or tv because it hurts. I have to keep everything low.

    And I just die when my neighbors slam their door.
  13. loto

    loto Member

    Yes, it is crazy!
    Well, I'm glad you shared about your co-workers. Sometimes I think it's just me being a crabby paddy. Now I know others experience it!

    Oh yeah, and a certain co-worker that drives me the most insane actually also clips her nails at her desk! That is sooo annoying, not to mention I think it's really gross to do in front of people. I would really come unglued if she started doing her toenails!!!!!


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