FM and Perimenopause

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    FM and Menopause 09/26/05 11:57 AM

    Does anyone out there think that their FM came around the time that their periods started going up the wall?!? I have neuropathic problems, FM problems etc. but feel sure that this all started (4 years ago) when periods started getting further and further apart. I have had a hormone profile done and am not menopausal but probably perimenopausal. Maybe I'm clutching at straws here but any port in a storm! The drs. say that as my body is stressed coping with the FM that this would cause periods to be erratic but I think the menstrual problems started first! Any input would be welcome. Thanks Pauline x

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    For me, the stress began around age 33 soon after the birth of my son -- from other, unrelated, stress...although I'm sure that being a new mom didn't help. A couple years later, the CFS began -- I had perimenopausal symptoms at the time, (hormonal testing was negative for menopause, although ob/gyn said perimenopause could definitely be a factor).

    I didn't start having FM symptoms until I was about 39 or 40.

    I'm almost positive that, from my own experience, hormones definitely play a part. My periods are still fairly regular, but the symptoms of perimenopause are still present. Recent hormone testing denies I'm on the verge of menopause.
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    I am 43. I became pregnant the first time at 24. Healthy boy. Then it took 14 years to have another! I was 38. Had another healthy boy! Then after that birth I asked to have my tubes tied. I had issues with getational diabetes and at my age felt that it was time to stop a pregnancy from happening again! After the birth of my last child my periods never returned the right way. It took 6 months to get my period back, then when I did they were very infrequent for 2 years and then stopped altogether. At that time the FMS raged. It was so bad! The flares were horrible. There was pain but that was just a part. The others symptoms raged and the anxiety was off the charts. I almost completely shut down. At 41 I was menopausal. I have not researched this issue but I would venture to say hormones and their fluctuations play a huge part in it!
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    There are two very informative chapters on the subject of FM and CFS Hormonal connections in the book, "Screaming To Be Heard" by Elizabeth Vliet, MD -- a must-read for anyone who suspects hormonal issues may be a factor in their FM or CFS. After reading her book I went running to the local Fibro and Fatigue Center. (First visit was just one week ago--no results yet, but they tested for all hormones.)
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    Hi Pauline,

    I think hormone deficiencies are definitely involved in the FM for some of us. I went over my blood draw results with the doctor at the Seattle FFC last week. The numbers are on a post I put up here earlier, if you want to see them. I got started on thyroid t3 (cytomel), progesterone, Gamma Grow (growth hormone), pregnenolone and testosterone. My estrogen was already through the roof, so I don't need that.

    I'm 52 and perimenopausal. I had my son at age 47 and really enjoyed my pregnancy because of the flood of hormones. Once my periods started up again they were terribly heavy. I finally had an endometrial ablation a year and a half ago to stop them for good. I've had FM and CFS for decades, but didn't get a diagnosis until July of this year when the pain started.

    Hormone balance is a piece of it. I'm getting a little more energy all ready and actually slept 8 hours the night before last. Last night I was back to my 2 hour sleep sessions, darn it! I encourage you to pursue it. The periods might also be erratic because of hormone deficiencies! Are you going to an OB/GYN for this? Maybe an Endocrinologist would be able to help more?

    We all flounder around with this mess and hope for the best. I've put my chips in with the FFC for now. We'll see what happens. I'm not really looking forward to finding out about viruses and parasites!

    Good luck!

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    No! I can't imagine there is any being anywhere that would play that kind of horrible joke on us.

    Yeah, I've got that playing into the situation now. When I'm yelling at my brother I give him flash card... "Peri menopaus" "Fibro" "Chronic Fatigue" or "Just leave me alone."

    He not only gets the point, but can juge about how much we can stand each other at that point. Usually I go home and pull the blankets over my head.

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    I just had to let ya'll know that I have gotten control over the hot flashes I was having. I was taking Premarin and kept worrying all the time, if I was going to get cancer from it. Then a fellow-fibromite friend in Ohio told me her friend was taking Evening Primose 1000 mg and had NO problems with hot flashes. I immediately got me some Evening Primose. The dosage says 2 to 3 capsules a day. I started with 1 morning and 1 evening, then the hot flashes started gradually coming back. I started taking 3 a day and wouldn't trade it for all the hormones in the world. You can get it at Wal Mart, in the Vitamin section. Hope this info will help someone else. Betty Boops

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