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    I spend most of my life hurting, but I'm not sure how to explain how I feel to my partner without sounding like I'm whining, so at the moment I shut up, grit my teeth and keep smiling. Any suggestions how I can explain fm to my partner in a way that he might understand?
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    Hi Ratty~~There is a great deal of information about FM on this website in the library and other sections. Plus, there is a post Called The Thief of Many Lives which gives a good description of what FM does. Print off the informations you like best and give them to him to read. Also, there are many good books out on FM you both can read.

    Also, when you read a post you particularly like--print it off and share it with him. Or, have him spend an evening with you here reading the posts and/or asking questions. He can even post any questions he might have.

    There is a wonderful post written by a guy whose girlfriend has FM. I don't remember the name of the post right now, but it should be somewhere in the next couple of pages.

    You can also type in a subject in the search box, and it will bring up all the posts written on that subject. There is just an overwhelming wealth of information here, and you will find plenty of items to run off and share with your mate to help him understand FM and what you (and he) are and will be going through.

    Best Wishes to you, Carol....
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    Hi, I have been in the same relationship for about 17 yrs.I haven't been sick all that time. But it is hard for us both.
    I don't want to be whinney, and he doesn't want to put anymore on me emotionally, than I have already.

    So I try to causally drop some information, (because he doesn't want to read about it. And I try not to push. Pushing him sends him in the opposite direction).

    What you might want to do, is see how he feels about learning about your illness. It may be that he wants to learn with you. And then you guys can do it together.

    If he is resistant, you have to find another way. From what I've seen, everyone does it differently. I think you could say it fits right in with this illness, everybody is a unique case. With different variations on the same theme.

    My husband is a good guy, and though it bothers him to hear things about this illness (fm), he tries to support me in every way he can handle, and thats all you can ask of anyone.

    I hope you can have an relatively easy time with your partner, in terms of learning about this, and getting some understanding together. And I don't know if I was much help, but I truly hope so.