FM and the terrible pain..please help me

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    I have FM and was dx about 7 years seems that the pain, fatigue and fibrofog just keeps getting worse...any suggestions for pain..I can not take antidep. drugs and have lots of reactions to meds. in general...I only take ambien at night for a few hours sleep...I'm still trying to work 4 days a week and manager an office....anyone having any luck with disability...I must keep on working at least two more years or lose everything I've worked for all these years...please someone answer me....I'm new on the board and could use some help and encouragement...
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    I too have reactions to many medications. In physical therapy they suggested that I apply ice for 20 min. then heat for 20 min. For the ice try this, drain a can of peas and freeze them in a ziploc baggie. Once they are frozen, place the baggie where the pain is for 20 min. Then apply a heating pad to the same area for 20 min. This really helps with the spasm and reduces the pain. Keep alternating until the pain subsides. I know how it feels to lose everything, as I waited too long to file for disability and now in order to get ssdi I must prove complete disability by 12/99. I am waiting for a hearing date and I can't find an attorney to take my case because of the time lapse between working and filing a claim. Social Security has my earnings record all screwed up also. Thats another mess in itself. Hope this helps. And again welcome to our world.
    PS Shirl has a great recipe for epsom salt and hydrodren peroxide for a nice soaking bath. Hopefully she will be along shortly to greet you.
    Ciao 4 Now
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    Have you got disability insurance through work? If so, it may be possible for you to go on disability until retirement. This type of disability is often difficult to get, but it may be worth a shot, especially if you are so close to retirement. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie