FM/Arthritis Seminar at my library.

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    A week from today there is going to be a talk at my local library presented by a rheumatologist and a physical therapist on arthritis and FM. It's a half day session

    I am hoping the talk is given by a rheumatologist who is well know here in town for her expertise on FM who I would love to go with, but unfortunately is not in my preferred network.

    I am hoping there will be enough people with FM who will be there as we do not have a support group here.

    I am going to go with some questions, perhaps some studies but could really use some feedback on what topics might be appropriate. I don't want to overwhelm this person or take over the talk so I am prioritizing what I plan to ask.

    I could use any feedback on topics. I do plan on asking about the FM population with the XMRV in the WIP study. I am hoping they will not say anything about CBT other than it can help you accept a condition but not just FM!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Keep us posted next week of the outcome of FM/Arthritis Presentation.

    Live Life Well
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    Hi Gapsych!

    My Rheumy believes that CFS is the same thing as FM. She thinks CFS changes over time into FM. She truly understands the exhaustion/pain that comes with it, so I never push her on explaining why she believes that.

    I would like to know if this Rhuemy believes they are two separate conditions or the same.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to suggest things.