FM article in Woman's Day, Feb. issue!

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    A pretty good article by a Winnie Yu in
    the February Woman's Day now on sale. I
    accessed it online, the whole story is on
    there. They also have archived stories
    they've done before. For instance in 1999
    they said there were 4 million of us, a
    number some still cling to. This article
    says 10 million, a closer number I think,
    and still how many not diagnosed! That's
    quite a jump in a fairly short period of
    time..WHEN will they realize it is becoming an epidemic..along with all the
    chronic pain illnesses? I did write and
    thank them for the article and said it was one of the best I've seen so far. It
    doesn't have everything of course, doesn't mention possible Mycoplasms etc,
    but it's still a good article and gives
    us some recognition. I was disappointed
    when I wrote to the Arizona Arthritis
    Foundation about possible upcoming events
    for FM Awareness Day in May. They said they do not separate it out from the
    Arthritis Awareness day in May since it
    is a form of Arthritis. Their own literature says it is not a form of Arthritis..but why argue with them. They
    are set in their opinion. We don't have
    a good support group in my area, sadly the one there is is ladies who are of quite advanced age (which I have no problem with THAT) but they are all unable to get meds, have tried all the
    natural and other things and most are suffering terribly. The rule is NO talking about pain at the meetings. Sorry, but sometimes we NEED to vent and
    a support group to me is a good place to
    do it where everyone understands. The poor little lady that runs it is hard
    pressed to find enough oxygen to be heard
    on the phone even and being in charge is
    a dreadful chore for her. I think she
    hangs on to give herself a reason to keep
    going. I'd start one but I can't get out
    to hunt down a free hall or room and my
    home is not up to "company" standards with my zoo of pets for one thing. We sure do need one though. If I ever get to
    feeling better again, I still hope but
    don't count on it, I'll try it then. Sorry I'm all over the place with this post, but I'm really exhausted this afternoon and doing the rambling thing.
    Forgive please. Hugs to all, Bambi
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    I read that article today and thought it did a good job of explaining in easy to understand terms what it does to us. I would recommend it for sharing with family and friends.