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  1. cookie1960

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    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Fibromyalgia Centers of America (formerly the Paragon Center) in the Chicagoland area? They have 3 locations.

    They claim to be on the cutting edge of treatment with a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods.

    Before investing time and money in yet another type of treatment - I would value anyones first hand experience.

    Thank you.

  2. msbsgblue

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    Don't know of this particular one, but I do know of some of them. I had friends go there. Very expensive, insurance wouldn't pay and it cost them about $500-$600. a visit.

    They were given all kinds of antibiotics and IV's and both of them only got sicker and sicker. One lost so much weight she looked like a walking dead and she quit going. She then ask them for a letter for disabilty and they want almost $300. to write one letter.

    Doctors came and went, none of them stayed long.

    Bah hum bug!
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  3. Beadlady

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    checking with the Better Business Bureau and your state board of physicians.
  4. kbak

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    Just type FFC in the search and you'll get tons of posts on the subject.

  5. cookie1960

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    Thank you for your replies and suggestions.

    One thing - according to their website - they do take insurance, and luckily mine was listed.

    I will let you know if I follow thru with an appt.

  6. aftermath

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    I have followed a lot of anectdotal stories about FFC from participants on this board.

    The general consensus is
    1) It costs a LOT of money; and
    2) People in general don't seem to get any better.

    It's tough not to chase down every possible lead when you have this illness. Still, I don't think that FFC is the answer.
  7. cookie1960

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    Thank you so much for the reply. That's what my "gut" was telling me - and you just confirmed it.

    I think many of these places are just out to make a buck and don't really have a "cure" or any new types of "treament".

    Thanks again!

  8. elliespad

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    Couple people have responded with comments about FFC. FFC is Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers which have 12 centers located around the country. They are not the same as Fibromyalgia Treatment Centers of America, all of which are located in Illinois. Two completely different organizations.

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  9. loldershaw

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    Be aware that just because a facility or physician accepts insurance and your insurance company participates, that does not mean insurance will pay for the services provided....they may pay for one service that is billed, or none...and many services are billed with each visit.

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