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    I didn't even know that FM Clinics existed; I have only seen a rheumatologist. Does anyone know of a FM clinic in South Dakota or at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota? Or even in Northwest Iowa? Thanks for your help and for your support.

    Love, Deb
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    I went to the Mayo FM Clinic two years ago. It was three days long (like an FM patient can really sit and listen for 3 days). They said, yes, I did have FM. I learned I was trying to do way to much at a time. The Physical Therapist said to start with 3 minutes of exercise a day and add one minute when you thought you could. At that time they said there was no treatment and that there was no diet that helped FM. Other than that, I don't remember anything I learned that I had not already read about. Has anyone gone since then? Maybe they have improved but in my mind they flunked FM 101. I did ask about oxygen therapy and the answer was "Yes, there are some doctors researching oxygen therapy for FM." End of the info I could get. I did have to fill out surveys every couple of months for the next year on how I felt. Oh yea, and the other thing was we are suppose to STOP our HABIT of making pain sounds and movements. Things like moving in our chair when we are uncomfortable, or making a noise when we sit. I love the Mayo Clinic and still go since I am fairly close. But not for FM. I will ask the doctor I see for FM is she knows anyone in your area. I go to Wabasha Clinic, MN.
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    I really appreciate it. I did copy your message on your Dr. Vrchota in Wabasha, and if I can't find anyone closer, I am going to try her. It would be about a ten hour round trip, but it sure sounds like it would be worth it! Who are Drs. Teitelbaum and Shoemaker?

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    I know that it's quite a trip from where you are, but the best doctor I could find is Dr Charles Lapp at Hunter/Hopkins Clinic in North Carolina and I travel from Michigan to see him. However, there is an FM specialist at the U of Mi in Ann Arbor and as a health care professional, I have seen alot of FM sufferers get some relief. I personally deal with it as best I can with life-style adjustment (there is no
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    I am Rapid City. The only "specialist" I have come up with a name for is here, by the name of Deb Brandt.
    I did go to her, and would NOT suggest it. Twice was enough.
    So if you come across something let me know please.
    I will keep checking back. I would love to find something nearby.


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    Will let you know if I find someone good; it is so hard to find a good specialist here in Sioux Falls.

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    These drs have done research and treatment on FM. Search this site and the internet for more info. I will let you know if I hear of another doctor closer to you. Let me know what you end up doing for your FM. Oh yea, fyi: it is
    Dr Ritchie Shoemaker
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    FMS doctors is in NW Iowa. Dr. Sinnot in Ida Grove,Ia.
    He is following the protocol that has been used for about 40 years ( developed by Dr. Brown).
    You can read about it at The RoadBack Foundation or a new book called The New Arthritis Breakthrough by Henry Scammel.
    There was a great post here sometime back about the remarkable improvement of a woman with RA who (after many years of other treatments) received this treatment, and, if I remember correctly, saw this exact doctor. (Various docs use this teatment throughout the country.)

    If I can think of how to find this post I will post it and notify you. It would be great if you could contact this patient. I think she was also from South Dakota. Will be
    talking to you. Beckster in Iowa
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    It is great to meet someone that lives in my town! Do you attend the local support group? I've never been there - maybe I should try them. There is a rheumatologist that practises at Dakota Dunes (I'm sorry - gotta find the name - I have it tucked away somewhere - I know it starts with a W) I recieved his name from Fibro Betsey's good doc list. I see an Internal med doc in Sioux Falls and have also seen Dr F the rheumy. I have always heard kind of negative reports regarding the Mayo Clinic FM program. I did email Dr Bennett a few months ago for a suggestion and he suggested Dr Yunnas in Illinois. I attend deep water aerobics at the Wellness Center - do you by chance go there too? Welcome to the board! Take Care, Darla
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    I haven't been to the water aerobics, but heard that it is something to try; aslo to try the support groups. The rheumy who diagnosed me left town and now my family dr, who is great, treats me, but I would like to hook-up with a specialist again. Think I will try the dr. in Iowa. Thanks for all the feedback., everyone!

    Love, Deb