FM docs in Denver?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ILoveGreen, May 12, 2012.

  1. ILoveGreen

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    Any suggestions?
  2. inprog

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    He was a great doctor for me. I have CFS. He must have learned something about FM while he was there. Worth calling over there to find out his expertise now:
    Dr. Charles Koftan, Englewood/Lakewood Colorado that is about 15 minutes from Denver according to Google. He moved from our area in Southern California for personal reasons. He is a doctor who truly listens. Rare.
  3. ILoveGreen

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    Thank you for the referral. I am trying to pre-establish as many essentials as possible before I move, and your referral is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your kindness.
  4. kat211

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    Dr. Lisa Corbin, the head of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Colorado in Aurora, is amazing. I travel over 1 hour one-way to see her and refuse to go anywhere else. She is an internist. The center also provides chiro, massage, accupuncture, and many other modalities.

    The WISH clinic at CUMed is also a fabulous women's PCP/OBGYN/GYN clinic. It is in the same building as Dr. Corbin and she fills in once a week there. Dr. Corbin and the Drs at WISH work very well together and keep in contact about their patients.

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  5. RitaF

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    hi, thanks to those of you posting on this topic, maybe we can help one another.

    i called the above # which was listed in a google search. a very kind receptionist answered that she had heard that name in the past but that Dr. Kofton was no longer at this #. earlier i believe there was a message that this # reached a group in a "Kaiser" group or something.

    we keep trying. rita
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  6. ILoveGreen

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    I've been out of town and haven't checked the board for about a week, so next week is my administrative week for appt setting, etc. I sincerely appreciate all of your input! With any luck I can get an appointment before the end of summer.
  7. inprog

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    If you do a google search "Provident Health Care, Denver, CO you will find a list of doctors there of which Dr. Koftan is one and then scroll down to his picture and click "expand". It lists his bio there and looks current. Was helpful to look at his bio and to read his mission statement. This hospital does not appear to be an HMO but takes all kinds of health plans including credit cards. Phone number over there is: 303-493-5200 and 720-570-2012 Hope this helps.

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