FM fatigue and exercise please help

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    Does anyone have information on exercise increasing the levels of fatigue for FM? I've been trying to find out about this.

    I've got FM and before my diagnosis, I used to swim a mile every other day. I had to cut back more and more because of pain and fatigue, finally cutting it out completely. Whenever I try to start again -- very very slowly, no more than five minutes in the pool -- I feel fine, there's no pain. BUT - afterwards I need to sleep for almost three hours.

    I know exercise is good for FM and I've always been fairly active. My pain is generally under control and it can be managed with extra neurontin or tramadol. But the fatigue is absolutely a killer. I can't swim because I lose almost half a day to crushing exhaustion.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I used to walk daily over 20 mintues and have had to scale way back since I got FM as my fatigue and pain go way up if I try to exercise too much.

    For me I started out walking a few mintues each day and then gradually increased my time. If I was having a bad day but still have enough energy to walk I just go a short distance and listen to my body. I walk in the evening when it's cooler outside.

    I like to swim ~ not as much as you but I do enjoy it. :) I have found that if I swim during the hottest part of the day it wears me out faster than if I swim in the evening . IT feels wonderful on my sore muscles .

    Hope this helps.
    Gentle hugs, Susan

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    I started doing water aerobics last week. I have been to 3 classes so far and love them! I do admit that the day after my first class I could hardly get out of bed the next morning. Each day has gotten a little easier. There are 2 other ladies in another class that have FM and have been going for a long time. It has helped them. My fingers are crossed. I have tried walking, however I am zapped for days afterwards.
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    I use to walk just about everywhere I went. If where I was going was within 2 miles I wouldn't even think twice about it. This is only 3 years ago.
    That all changed over night. I left the house to go downtown one day - a walk that I have made many times - took one look and that was it. I stood waiting for the bus. Now, walking seems to be the one thing that wears me out the most. I can still walk some but I have to take it very s l o w and easy. I end up paying for it later every time.
    It's not a pain thing at all. It's a total fatigue thing.
    If anyone knows how to get around this I would try just about anything to be able to put a little bounce in my step again.
  5. I am doing exercises in a heated pool twice a wk, it is wonderful in the pool but afterwards OMG PAIN. But I keep hoping it will get easier. Maybe just walk around a bit.??
  6. I am doing exercises in a heated pool twice a wk, it is wonderful in the pool but afterwards OMG PAIN. But I keep hoping it will get easier. Maybe just walk around a bit.??
  7. ljm405

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    Thank you everyone for your comments and advice. While I am unhappy that any of us have to go through this, it is comforting to know I'm not the only one! While swimming laps is still my goal -- even if I can only do a minimal number -- I have tried some other things that I have found very helpful.

    On the recommendation of a friend, I got a couple of yoga DVDs by Rodney Yee. A.M. and P.M. yoga is my favorite thus far -- I do it every morning and evening. It helps relax me, get me stretched out and energized to face each new day. I highly recommend this, along with a DVD I got some time ago entitled "Yoga for Healing" with Sarah Bates. Bates' DVD actually shows you what particular kinds of stretches are good for particular ailments (including FM!) and it offers a range of different things depending on how much you can tolerate. I've always resisted yoga but it has helped make me more flexible. I tried Yee's Power Yoga for Beginners which is paced a little too fast for me, but I simply cannot sit cross legged and after doing the 25 minute workout I actually could do it for the first time without pain. That's how much I loosened up over the course of the exercise. Be sure to do the relaxation stuff too -- it makes a huge difference in terms of preparing your body to stretch, and preparing your mind and body to cast off stress. Being a type A personality, I'm all set to barrel on through the workout but I have tried it both ways and the relaxation really is key to adding a good dose of energy.

    Good luck with exercise! I hope with this new yoga routine I'll get loosened up enough to get back in the pool. For those living in Santa Barbara CA, the Rehabilitation Center offers water "aerobics" for FM -- I recommend that as well.
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    I sure can relate to you. I run, swim, and bike which I love and have done for the last 20 yrs but the fibro flare ups are changing my life. I have ran numerous marathons and have been doing tri-s(swim, bike, run) for about 4 years. Now, I have know desire to compete anymore because I never know how I am going to feel that day. I do have a question.......has anyone noticed that you feel awful on the days you do not work out? I tried to walk or do the stair master everyday because it will prevent the flare up for a few hours.
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    Aren't the line between FM and ME often blurred. We read time and again that exercise in ME can be very bad for you, even fatal and keep prolonging pain and fatigue. I would be very cautious about any exercise, but gentle walks and arm swings if I were you. I know about the frustration, as I used to play tennis for hours, 3 days a week not so long ago, but I have made myself very ill too many times since trying to exercise, so now I'm very cautious for the time being. Good luck TN
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    I started physical therapy five weeks ago, and the pain and exhaustion afterwards and the next day for about a week and a half was awful, but now it's okay. The PT told me that you should make sure that the water temp is at least 86-90 degrees otherwise it really messes up your muscles...maybe that's it for you, and the water you're in is too cold for you? I know for me that the warm water now really seems to help even on days when I don't want to do PT at all and I'm in a lot of pain when I get to therapy....just my two cents.
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    I believe exercise is meant to be good for fibro but you have to be careful with CFS.

    I bought a vibro tornado exercise machine which I use every other day. You stand on it and it moves up and down form left to right. You can change the speed etc but I find this helps loosen things up, you can even sit on it if you are too tired to stand.

    The good news is that form this I dont get lactic acid build up and they say its good for people who need to rehabilitate.

    I also lift cans daily and do bicep curls to help strngthen my arms.

    Stretches I feel are a must especially my neck and stretch before any type of exercise.

    I couldn't do anyhting though until I started feeling a little better by taking lots of supplements etc.

    I take Co-enzyme Q 10 30mg 3 x day, B complex with high levels of B5 and Rhodiola rosea for energy.