FM has now changed Christmas

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jmq, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Now FM has invaded another aspect of my previous life. We have the same Christmas tradition for generations in my family. Christmas eve...a nice dinner with the GOOD china....go to midnight Mass or some church services, come home have hot chocolate and cookies while we open gifts. Since I am the queen of Christmas in my house...I usually hand out the gifts with my silly santa hat on...the whole nine yards.

    Well last year my FM was bad and I was very depressed BUT my dh cooked the dinner and DRAGGED me and my daughter out of the house to church so everything went according to tradition.

    This year, I woke up Christmas Eve with MAJOR PAIN and FATIGUE. Never even got out of my PJs to eat dinner with my family. Luckily we did not have any guests over! We were planning on going to chruch but I just couldnt make it. By 11 pm Christmas Eve I just broke down and made everyone open their presents so I could go to bed and STAY in bed for ALL of Christmas. So my daughter handed out the presents, I did not have my jolly hat on...and ran to bed after the last bow hit the floor. Sure enough I was worse when I woke up so I know it was good to do it early.

    Now I am feeling well enough to start to feel sad about this turn of events. My daughter was thrilled with the early Christmas and my dh is Jewish so he just goes along for the ride. But to not make it to church was a biggie. First time in 52 years!

    I guess I am trying to rationalize that if I am not able to work, barely able to take care of myself and family on most days....what would I expect for Christmas! It is still a very sad reality check.

    THanks for listening to my crankiness...

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    and stress and there is lots of that at christmas, I too have been in a flare and have just managed to do what i need to but with far less enthusiasm

    We had a bbq which is much easier and able to have here down under in the warmer weather

    Do what you can darlin we are not super women I think that is what got us here in the first place

    angel hugs and

    Merry Christmas past
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    Hi- I am so sorry your are not feeling up to what you were in the past. But I think Harmony mad a good point about not being wonder woman. Many of us have tried to be for so long then just wore ourselves out too soon in life.

    Try to be thankful for what you do have, your family, your home,friends and us.

    I remembered you commented on my post about the book I am reading called Crazy. I am half way threw it and can not believe the things this country has done to the mentally ill. I don't know what our foundation can do to change it, but when I start feeling bad because my family is 500 miles away and have not seen them since Sept 2006, I pick that book up and thank god for everything I DO have. God Bless you and your family and I pray your health improves with this new year. Allow yourself to heal and don't beat yourself up over yesterday, live for today. Carla