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    Within the last 3 weeks or so I have started having problems with my hands. they are very stiff and wake me up often at night. i started wearing splints after my neuro said i have carpel tunnel. anyway, my hands hurt but the biggest problem i'm having is in my left pinky. i can't bend it w/out terrible pain. i would wake up and swear it was out of joint because i couldn't move it. i finally went to the hospital friday night to have xrays which came back fine. nothing broken nor could they tell it had been popping out of place. they gave me a splint to wear on it for 3 days and i took it off today. i still can't move that finger. if i accidentally move it too far i scream. has this happened to anyone else? the er doctor did say I could have unstable joints and to see a specialist. now as most of you know, seeing another specialist makes me want to see another doctor just for them to say they don't find anything wrong. any suggestions?

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    Hands went wierd last April and of all the symtoms of FM, the way my hands are really gets to me! My hands are stiff also, my pinky isn't a problem as all my fingers hurt, straightening them is painfull, and I hate the way they claw. Sorry hon all i can do is say I know. And maybe give the specialist a try.

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    OA, and I have developed a cyst on the left Pinkie, and I can't bend it to far without it Killing me, it's a sharp, oh No, type of pain. The only thing that helps are my Pain meds, and then sometimes it still dosen't get the Pain.
    I thought how Silly that something so small can cause so much Pain. That's cause the FMS/CMP have to add in their 2 cents.

    Sorry your hurting, other than my meds and some excerise, I have no idea what to do. The excerise I do, is toss some penny's on the table, and then use one finger at a time to push them into my otherhand.
    It hurts a little at first, but Hey I'm already hurting.
    Also if you can have someone massage your hands with some MSM lotion, this helps to reduce the inflammation some.
    Plus it feel's so good to have the Hubby hold my hand, lol.

    Welcome to the Board, you'll find a lot of Answer's here by some vey Nice folks.[This Message was Edited on 04/29/2003]