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    So I have posted one time in the past. I am the husband of a former FM patient. She is a bit shy about sharing her story so I try and help out if possible.
    I am sure my point of view on this subject is a lot different than those ho have suffered through this terrible disease. She did for about twelve years and was at numerous doctors also being told its all in your head or also given pain pills and sent home.
    The pain pills did finally get to a point where they never did enough just like many of you have posted here on this board. So like you she would go back to the doctor try something else. Very scary cycle. All the while in her head thinking maybe it was just in her head.
    My wife is a very kind and caring person, always the first to help others in their time of need, fighting through the pain of her own disease to give others support and relief. Me never realy understanding how much that helped her keep her mind off of her own misery. God I am sure had a hand in all of that.
    One day we were at the book store and I found the book "Fibromyalgia for Dummies" fitting for me I guessed. I started to read it and was telling her how many of the symptoms she really had. She of course not wanting to get her hopes up said yeah right. I bought that book and read it cover to cover in just a few days and talked to her the entire time about what I read. Finally it did give her some hope even if it was a false one in her mind.Problem being it did also say no real test for it as you all have heard as well I am sure.
    Lucky for us her doctor was getting concerned about the quanity of pain pills she was now starting to take and would not give her more than the law would allow. Finally with no choice but to be in more pain or seek help she finally gave in to the idea of fibro.
    The search was hard to find some help. The center she discovered, Fibromyalgia Relief Center, was expensive to a lot of people, about $9,000.00. Thank God they offered some financing options. The help and miracles she and I saw there are just that miracles. People who were wheel chair bound, people who had not talked for years, people like her that had taked pain pills to live for years able to stop taking them. People like you and my wife getting better. It worked for her and so many others so far. She is a normal functioning loving wife and mother all over again.
    Dr. Whitcomb's method is all based on the spine and the nerves running through it. I never believed in the chiro before. Always had a yeah right attitude towards what they did. This man and his methods gave me my wife back and so many people their life back. It was not easy, it was not cheap, the results are well worth all it has been though to me and my family.
    I am posting this to let others who seem like there is no hope know that there is hope. The web site is My wife so believed that it would help others she also became a patient care rep for the center. So if you would like to chat with her about her recovery and share a story just get back to me and I would love to give you her email.
    Weather you use her to get to the center or not is really not important to us. We just want as many people to get the relief that is out there for such a terrible disease.

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    What a wonderful story. I'm so happy that your wife is feeling better and hope that her recovery lasts.

    Most people can't afford $9,000 and it's a shame that the clinic's that have found successes don't except insurance.

    What state is this treatment center in?

    It's nice to hear a spouse being supportive!

    Best to you and your wife.

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    The clinic is in South Lake Tahoe California. They do have different payment options from a Care Credit Credit card type of this to a money down with in house payment plan. And of course good old cash which is hard for any of us to do with-out right now. Hope that helps. They set up everything for their patients as well, lodging, air fare ect.
    Take Care

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