FM is not an inflammatory disorder??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bren2135, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Bren2135

    Bren2135 New Member

    I really don't understand this: If fibro is NOT inflammatory, why does my sed rate go up without an anti-inflammatory? And, my knuckles gnarl up, like a halloween witch! (I tested negative for RA, btw)

    Is osteoarthritis debilitating also?


    A little frustrated and very painful today.. must be the rain.


  2. OWWEE

    OWWEE New Member

    It is possible you have a seronegative RA. I do and it was diagnosed this week with the use of a prednisone taper. I hate that crap but it was worth it because now I know.

    I am going to a new internist who also has RA and she knew it right away on top of saying definitely FM, no question about it. My rheumatoid tests all came back negative so she tried a prednisone taper (loading dose injection, then pills which are decreased over a week) and I was actually able to walk down the stairs. Can't stay on it, but I had a few relatively pain-free days (still had the fibro pains but I could really differentiate between the different types of pain). You might want to discuss it with your doc.

    I don't like the idea of having RA at all, my fingers are starting to show very mild deformities, but sometimes just to get an answer to some of these health issues, even if not great, is just such a relief.
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  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I have no arthritis whatsoever. Nothing usually shows up on SED rates, but the inflammation is evident in different parts everyday.

  4. Summit

    Summit New Member

    osteo arthritis is debilitating! I am getting it in my hands too. I do Not understand why they say Fibro does not cause inflamation (it does in me) I can put my hand on my hip, and feel the heat! So, I dont' know what you call that if it isnt' inflamation? I was told I was lucky, cuase fibro will never cripple you.........hmm, maybe not in the same way RA would, or MS (which they first diagnosed me with..mistakenly) but I can tell you this....fibro does dibilitate you which is crippling to your movements, mind functions, stomach functions etc. So, that's crippling me, in my book. (if I can't ride my horse. it's crippling me (and my style...Big Time)
  5. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I believe that the fibro itself is not an overall inflammatory disorder. I do think that it can cause / trigger things that can cause inflammation.

    For example, I have Tendonitis in my left shoulder. My doc said it is due to the Fibro. Tendonitis is inflammation of the shoulder.

    Perhaps, in the areas that you get inflammation, you have another underlying problem.


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