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    Curious to see if anyone but me caught the 800# and ad posted in last Wednesdays Seattle Times. ? I called the # and got a voice mail asking for my mailing address.Yesterday I recieved an envelope with an invitation to a deal on Wednesday June 18th . It features a guy named Jeff Finnigan D.C.BCAO. Dont have a clue who this is , The lecture is at 6;30 at the Regata Condo.1700 North Northlake Way. Seattle . I am going to try and go but had surgury on my ankle and am still on crutches. Looks to me like he is a chiropracter in Lacey Wash. 360-459-7800. Maybe I will learn something and can pass it on. Also when I went into surgury, I was having a terrible flare in my right rib cage. Wasnt sure I was going to be able to use my crutches or not BUT, when I woke up from the procure, all my pain was GONE!. Whats up with that??? Was it becuase I was so relaxed with a general anesthesia/ Anyone else have that great releif.?Too bad it was a trip to the operating table to get me throught it.Let me know if you are going to the lecture, I think you have to call his office to get a ticket
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    After reading through the info I recieved it looks to me like this guy uses a technique of old and new. Very gentle manipulation and chinese medicine too . Hope someone else saw this and can attend since I probably will still be on crutches and unable to get there.
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    I would have love to go to this but I start a job (finally) on Monday, June 16th, so I know I can't get the day off. Jeez, if I knew I would have started anyway with them knowing I needed Tuesday off, but I can't do it now. Darn! I just got the job offer on the 13th too! I'm just 30 minutes to the Bainbridge Island Ferry to Seattle!

    Let me know what comes out of it. dolsgirl
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    Saw my foot Dr. today off crutches so hope I can drive with this soft cast on, (Rightfoot)Told him about my flare disappearing after I woke up from surgery. He said Hmmmm, very intersting thot of anesthesia and Fm.But , he's another pain controler , and wouldnt give me any more Vicodin for the pain. Now this after I had 6 screws, a plate and bone grafting done on the 4th of June. Go figure!Am getting a new anti-inflamitory instead. My flare is starting to rear it's ugly head again. Wish me luck! ill let you know how the lecture is. Thanks Dolsgirl. good luck with your new job.