FM, looking into lyme, need CD57 info please

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by petstoregirl, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. petstoregirl

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    Hey all!

    Who does the CD-57 test and how do I get this? I've just ordered my IgeneX WB test, but in case that comes back negative, I want to know how I can get a CD-57 test right away.

    Also, what is live blood analysis, why would someone need it, and who do you go about getting that?

  2. jess

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    HI, the cd-57 should be done by LabCorp. Apparantly, this is the only lab where the results are meangingful. Mine was below normal so I have possible Lyme. There are different opinions about this test but it is a good indication. Sorry, I don't know about how to get live blood analysis. Jess
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    Munch, comming through again! you're like my lyme dictionary, lol!

    Thanks to both replies! Sending out my WB this week (hopefully!) so looking towards my next steps if it comes back neg from igenex