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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. FM58

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    Today The Doctors TV show topic was preventing misdiagnosis.

    They did a segment on Fibro! However, they stated how controversial a dx fibro is (what the h?) Then a doc on tape - who did NOT believe in fobro went on to sy how the dx is wrong & how the meds that are used to treat fibro are being prescibed incorrectly. Basically it is a wastebasket dx. What a jerk!

    Then a woman in the audience - Lynne went on to validate fibro. She described her symptoms & said how she had fibro for 20 years, how it really affected her life.

    Next there was an acupuncturist treating a woman w/ fibro. She has been seeing him since 2004 & is now pain free. This doc has a book - sorry I don't knopw the name. I'm sure if you go to The Doctors website, you will find the information that was on todays episode.

    They also did a segment on MS, Interstitial Cystitis and yeast infections. It was a good show.
  2. Debra49659

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    I saw the show too. I took what the doctor was saying differently. I thought he was saying that the drugs for FM don't work well and that doctor are not being aggressive enough in checking for other problems. I think he was saying the pain was real and he felt bad that we have to continue to deal with it.?.?

    That woman Lynne was really great wasn't she...I'm not sure what the think about the acupuncture? Pain free, sounds to good to be true.

    Anyone here go for acupuncture and have a possible spin to report.

  3. gapsych

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    What channel is this show on? I hope it is not one that a lot of people watch.

    If someone says Fibro. does not exist, tell them that it is recognized by the college(?) of Rheumatology.

    I learned that on "House" LOL!!

    It sounds like the doctor was not very clear if people can interpret what he says as two different things.


  4. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    I'm watching it right now...the controversial doctor is calling Fibromyalgia a "bad idea" not a neurological disease...that it's something to "google". He sounds like a real prize, but it sounds like he doesn't disqualify the pain, but the name.

    I also feel like Deb, that it's not the pain that's being dismissed, but the fact that there's no test to prove a diagnosis other than the 18 point test. The doctors (the ones who are on the show, not the controverisial doctor) presented a different take and seem in my opinion to believe it's real.

    Deb, I have had acupuncture but not for fibro pain, and it was about 15 years ago. I had it for sinus and endometriosis treatment and it did help--greatly, and my family physician was very impressed.

    I do have a friend here who could barely move from FM/lower back pain and acupuncture helped her after just a few treatments. I'll have to check her current status, as I haven't talked to her in a long time. I'll let you know. I saw a difference in her. The doctors find it to be a proven alternative treatment.

  5. Exfa

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    I saw the show today also and I don't think the Dr on tape was derogatory at all about FM...he was merely stating that the meds that the FDA and pharmaceutical co's keep pushing DO NOT WORK.........he stated that the pain is real and all of the regular drs on the show agreed. The woman named Lynne was very intelligent and explained her credentials right off of the bat ........including her masters degree. She was an excellent spokesperson for FM. I have had it for 20 yrs also and have tried everything and I agree that none of the meds work...only make matters worse. The show was a really good one I thought and especially for those poor souls with MS. Just my wishes for everyone.........exfa
  6. rickj44

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    I just caught the end of it, about accupucture.. I tryed this and then tryed it again a few years later and it did nothing for me.
  7. Janalynn

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    I got an email from a friend last night that said she watched the show and it was about Fibro.

    I was almost afraid to hear what was said. Glad to hear that it came across believable!
  8. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I got the impression that Dr. Hadler didn't believe Fibromyalgia was a real illness. Below are his taped comments from show:

    >>>>While so many suffer from the disease, controversy surrounds the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and the drugs used to treat it. Dr. Nortin Hadler, professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine is not a proponent of the diagnosis.

    “Everybody with the label of fibromyalgia is waiting for that magical moment when the disease is defined and the cure is designed,” Dr. Hadler says. “The label gives you something to Google. No test is available to make this diagnosis, and the diagnosis is a rallying cry for camaraderie. Nothing has actually moved this population of suffering individuals toward a state in life where they can look you in the eye and say, ‘I’m really better.’

    “We’re not treating a neurological disease,” he continues. “We’re treating a bad idea. And we’re treating it with drugs that don’t work for a bad idea at all.”<<<<

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