FM or CFS or BOTH? help

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  1. LindaLoonyTunes

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    I have been treated for FM for the past year and it seemed like an answer to my prayers of the past 15 years. But yesterday I went to my rheumy complaining of memory problems (which I assumed were associated with my Fibro). These problems have been ongoing for many years and brought to my attention by my family. But you know, family you can blow off! Now it has begun to affect my work. I am on a warning due to the inability to retain quick directions. I can be given directions and if I don't have the ability to write it down - when they walk away so do the instructions. My question is could I have FM and CFS? My rheumy wants me to go back to my family doctor (have an appointment on friday) I Know my memory problems stem from my condition (whatever condition that might be). Reading up on CFS it sounds like me, but it also sounds like FM (without the memory problems. Anyone in a similar situation? My fatigue comes and goes. I can be just plain tired and sore or overwhelming fatigued like the past few days. Actually I could use a nap right now! LOL Any comments?
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    Well my family doc believes they go hand in hand or one with another. He says my fatigue and fever is from CFIDS, and this muscle/joint soreness is from FM and so on.....I fit both, so I keep informed about both.

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    I have been dx'd with both CFS and FMS. The chronic, overwhelming fatigue, I experience, the loss of cognitive skills, and an all over aching, as one has with the flu. I believe are a direct result of CFS.

    Lately, I have been getting some relief (a few days at a time) of lessening Fibro pain. When at its worst, its severe in nature, (unlike the achiness of CFS). I believe then it is fibro. It most often feels like neurological pain to me, shooting, electrifying, spasms, and twitching. Although stabbing and burning and numbness happen, too. Thank goodness for any relief, even if it is short lived.
    I am hoping the periods of lessening will increase, while the length of painful spells, decreases.
    Best wishes,
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    Love the name!Have had symtoms of fms/cfs/autoimmune deseasd for 28 yrs. There are times when I am really bad, i even type backwards, speaking is halted and jumbled. The dots do not connect...honestly, I know I am intelligent.This
    DD has symtons so varying, which takes so long to diagnose.
    Just finished having a family get together w/27 all my own children and grands. I am so wiped that I can't sleep, knowing all the tiem tomorrow is another big day. would love to skip it and curl up with a good book.
    The less frustrated we are the better. Takes too much energy. If I did not edit my typing for mistakes, you would have no way of knowing what I was talking about.
    Let me assure you, many of us have these problems. I was a Travel Consultant w/ Uniglobe Corp. Have a large family. went back to school after they were grown. Now, most of the time I am house bound. Not because I don't want to go out, rather by the time I do the things I need to do I have no energy. Going shopping is the worst thing for me to do.
    Hope this helps. 1maqt

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  5. Mikie

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    The symptoms of both can overlap and researchers are leaning toward both being different manifestations of the same illness.

    Cognitive problems, including memory loss, confusion, and dyslexia, are slightly different from what is called, Fibro Fog which makes one feel as though one is in a dream state in a fog. The Guai treatment almost immediately cleared up my fog, but the cognitive problems continue and get worse when I'm tired.

    I have both FMS and CFS.

    Love, Mikie
  6. LisaMay

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    Hmmmm, good question. In all that I have read, it sounds to me like they overlap each other quite often, but the memory problems is more with CFS. While my docs are only saying I have FM, I believe I also have CFS. Therefore I read all that applies to both illnesses.

    Maybe I'll get some answers next month during my appts. Good luck. Lisa
  7. LindaLoonyTunes

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    thanks for your info. I have printed out some information on CFS to take to the doctor with me. I also type backwards! Sometimes I can proof what I have typed and still overlook glaring errors! Now that is frustrating! Work for a large lawfirm as a secretary and these young attorneys can be so critical! Like they NEVER make a mistake that we cover up for them!!! It just seems like I am saying "don't remember" or "I forgot" more and more often! Even my close friend says she is worried about me and my memory! So I can't keep it in the closet anymore! Will let you know what Family doc says on Friday. My grandma had dimentia and was in a nursing home for over 15 years. Seems to me she got it very young. For all I know she could have also had CFS - which I strongly believe may afflict my mother. She will tell you it is her age but I can remember her having cognitive problems from way back!
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    Linda, we have similar situations. I also work for a law firm. I try to be VERY focused at work. I write a lot of things down and sometimes even talk to myself. I also type backwards. This is a new symptom - I'd say it started about 6 months ago. Even if you have Spell-Check, if the word you misspell is a real word, it won't catch it. I've been on medical leave for 6 weeks due to a hysterectomy - I'm kind of nervous about going back. I hope I remember everything!!!!

    As far as having both FMS and CFS, I was diagnosed with FMS 5 years ago by a rheumatologist. I had seen my Family Doctor this summer about shortness of breath, and during our discussion he mentioned Chronic Fatigue and that he thinks I have it. I have FMS pain all the time, but the fatigue comes in waves. I never know when it will hit me. Just more fun and games in this never-ending circle......


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    I am only dx'd with FMS and used to run an FMS support goup for ten yrs. I know many, many people dx'd with FMS only who have the type of problems you describe, including me.I also know a few with cognitive problems who turned out to have undx'd hypothyroid, which cleared up their mental problems when it was treated. Make sure you have a thyroid panel done if you have not not accept a TSH test only, you need the whole panel.
    I don't know if the two illneses are the same or not, but I have read the biggest book on the subject of CFS, called "Osler's Web". If that book has it's facts correct, then there is no way the two illnesses are the same thing.
    Also, some of the medications used to treat us can cause memory problems by blocking the chemical in the brain that handles memory, acetylcholine. If you are taking a tricyclic antidepressant, you might want to ask about changing to something newer to avoid the problem, although I had memory problems with one of the newer SSRI's and they were so severe that I stopped taking it. Many of us, including me, use Benadryl to help us sleep. Antihistamines are also anticholinergic. It does not hurt to take a multivitamin with a good dose of choline in it to help counteract this.