FM pain I thought nothing could be worse How wrong was I

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  1. jakeg

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    I thought with all the pain that I live with because of this DD, that I couldn'y feel any more pain then I already do.

    Boy was I wrong on that. I was at my cabin in the hills since thur of last week and had a surprise, my dad showed up, no big deal that he came we always have alot of fun when he comes up. Go to the bars for dinner and some pool, thats after my pain meds kick in.

    Well I was picking up all the branches that came down from this winter when I lost my balance and fell. The fall was not the bad point it's what I fell on.

    I fell on a branch that the end was shattered and frayed from breaking of the tree and I tried to break the fall by putting my hands out and you geussed it, the end of the branch went right under my thumb nail. Talk about pain, almost passed out from it. My dad rushed me over to the nearest clinic 10 miles away and they took care of it right away. The doc pulled out 2 pieces of wood 1/4" wide by 1/2" long and almost 1/4" thick. He said he had to pry the nail up to see them.

    I told them about all of the meds I take and when the doc asked if I needed anything for the pain I said I doubt you'll give me anything that's stronger then what I already have(oxcycodone,vicodin), he looked at me and said cronick pain sufferer. I said yea kind of. He said kind of what. I said FM, and he said know all about treat 3 people from here for it. With that said he wrote a script for antibiotics and said just keep an eye on it for infection and walked out the room.

    I wish my local doc was like that.

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    Take care of that thumb! I bet that hurt like heck. Remember, our pain sensors are amplified & don't turn off like they are supposed to, so even pain that is not related to FM will hurt us tremendously.

    Take care,

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    Worse than hitting yourself with a hammer,by far!!! Hope you recover soon! Isn't it just the way it goes,the good doc is always somewhere else!! Daneen
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    What an ordeal for you! I have had small splinters under my nails, they were painful enough. I can`t imagine the pain you had. I`m glad you had somebody there with you to help you. Get some extra R&R this week.